Memories from Auckland city, New zealand

This article is about a travel experience from New Zealand while attending Asia pacific nature quiz conducted at Auckland. This article also points out some of the major tourist attractions in New Zealand.

The beginning of my journey

The month October of 2017 will have a great remark of impressions around for me as after concerning the exact approval of Wildcard entry, India was allowed to participate in the Asia pacific nature quiz that is to take place in the famous tourist city of Auckland in New Zealand.

We were told by our staff of expert that Auckland does possess extreme cold and thence we took the fact to a serious concern with a practical assessment of winter season methodology and thence before the beginning of the journey we also alarmed the new team member to have practised all norms of the winter applied in such harsh weather. We bought professional touring jackets, took tips of food diets in winter processing and helped ourselves to great services Indian Quiz Federation provide on every tour to its quizzer to plan a proper impact.

In this way after having proper concerns, a good management party from the Kiwi land for our vegetarian accustomed diet and the care guide assigned to us, we started our journey to be the quizzers of our kind and make an impact in the foreign colder land. It was not only going to be the test of our skills for the tournament, but it would also be going to make things clear that in what way an opportunity can be brought to right doors and thence being the Captain I explained the basic norms to keep fit and stay calm in the winter weather and it played a great role as I look back at the tour we did in Auckland in October. In advance, I did have experience of European cold in past due to Finland tour in 2015 where we did win in winter condition, B but it was essential to take the beginning in a right direction and thence the journey to becoming more popular began through our evening flight to Auckland...

Grand tourist support

It was a fantastic experience in Auckland when we just arrived at the airport and the people from India who live there had a great response to settle in. We have arranged the proceeding to move further and by perfect living in stay arrangement by the IQF, we managed to locate our place and took off for our hotels in the professional local cars and had nice fun while we were travelling in the roadside areas bustling with traffic and chants of the local people around.

As we passed through the common shops and building, the cold breeze swept our faces and the girls in the quiz team let out gasps of beauty as they are the B3 category in the visually impaired team and have a better sight to accommodate the environment and beauty of Auckland. IN this way a great impetus of the momentum had begun and we were having every ounce of glory to ourselves as we discussed tactic with the coach, asked him to share his own past experience of Pacific and also enjoyed testing each other with questions on fast speed practices.

However, when we arrived in the hotels and settled a grand cheery musical fun in the night, We did come to know that after a certain timetable the process of fun and sensation have to be stopped. We did enjoy the fun and pulled each other legs in concerns to the fun we were going to have and hence once the tournament started we took advantages of better impact all along.

What must be mentioned here as a personal note that I had set some limitation to my fun after getting inside the hotel before the beginning of the tournament and I was bit worried as we are the Wildcard entry team on basis of the tournament victory of Indian Birds quiz 2017 we might face a tougher concern and challenge as well as boos but nothing of the sort occurred in the whole tournament which was nice to witness though. To make my food fresh, I continued to order coffee and sometimes my teammates would bring it without my notice so it became an important time pass. Besides my first day silence, the moment of fun had increased on my side and thence our ways to become better continued to progress and we did enjoy a lot in later times.

Waterfalls fun

It is always refreshing when you come out of some hectic quizzing that is a mind game and takes a fun trip with your mates to have fresh moments and prepare before bigger matches. When we were having the great environment in front of us at Auckland and we were given chance to take a tour away side near the famous camp showering waterfalls, we didn't deny and were up for the task to prefer before our bigger matches like Semifinals and Finals to come.

We did have some glorious moments to invest and we did pull each other legs while enjoying the Veg pen cakes near the hotels to the entry places of the waterfall and once we were in we started plans of making joyous time there as well. It was a great feeling to cherish as the batch mates started to discuss the question we passed and the way things have been going in the Asia Pacific quiz with faster reflexes of mind and reacting on time which had been a great memory. Yet it was no good thinking about the intellectual perspiration and it was time for us to take leave from that for a while and enjoy ourselves in the blissful environment of Auckland with great guidance and support of local people as well.

Though at a definite stage of time we got bored by all the quiz talks and decided to analyse the moonstone caves and rock shelter cuts by touching them being visually impaired and asked their virtual touch. We also got the chance to touch the shells of the rare New Zealand Koi tortoises in the waterfall and it was great fun when they bounced back in waters and we threw more stones for our fun to see how long the water can stay up to save the moment of blessing in disguise with the power of nature.

By all means it was some sort of environment we had been looking for in the context of our quizzing and hence once coming back with having our own jackets to warm and having freshly cooked vegetarian food near the place we had been staying for the quiz matches, WE restarted our minds to switch back to the quiz tournament and hence in those bigger matches the waterfall venture lit our chances and made it possible for us to be victorious indeed.

Acknowledging the Auckland hospitality

What matters most for us while we visited the place like Auckland that they treated us like the normal people and never let us feel that we are there as visually impaired people. All the time from having the bus stop visits, coming for dining in the hotel, to the local playgrounds or fun parks and even near the risky places in Waterfall trips all were ready to cooperate and that's why the place felt so great to me and my mats as Quizzers representing India in such colder terrains and having the most vital impact.

It was one of most vital prominence to understand that they let us through the latest in popular trend of Braille inscribed on the railings and local library outsight malls as well as they have been put near the signposts at street insight entrance. They took us through to the local digital library management system and showed us the various types of methods applied by the visually impaired people which were a great feeling to have. In various ways, we came to know the similarities of basic Braille practices and higher course education when it comes to education and it was good for us as Academics being represented in sports by us in form of Quizzers as we spent some good time with them.

At the end it was time for us to leave and as we had made it through to be the winners by defeating New Zealand in finals of the Asian Pacific quiz 2017 (our team being entered through wild card entry) the team of New Zealand came to meet us and saw us through in the airport. We were happy to have some final hugging and handshake moments with them; a quick smiled photo session and then we were off and hence it was a great experience in Auckland and we express our acknowledgements to the organizers in New Zealand for making it a hospital one at large.


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