Top Things to Do in India in 2018

Find helpful tips how to organize your trip to India. Here are Top things to do in India. Learn more about things to do in the country of legends and fairytales-India.

India is becoming a very popular destination as the best places to visit are not only beaches and the Himalayas, but the excursion route "Golden Triangle" and Rajasthan.

Either you are a college student who has been assigned to develop a research paper writing on this topic or a person who is going to plan his vacation, this list of the most impressive things to do will be of use to you.

  1. Attend Music Festivals in Goa

  2. Goa is one of the popular destinations in India, looks great always with its silvery sandy beaches attracting tourists with their entertainment and romance, adventure and water sports. Music Festival is the top fascinating thing in Goa

    On December 25, Catholic Christmas is celebrated in Goa, services are held in all churches. Prayers are sung to celebrate Jesus birth.

    If you like parties, then you will find in noisy nightclubs, bars, and pubs, as well as on beaches with an amazing atmosphere. There are a lot of events to visit:

    If you like parties, then you will find in noisy nightclubs, bars, and pubs, as well as on beaches with an amazing atmosphere. There are a lot of events to visit:

    • The SunBurn Festival: should be attended by those who are fond of electronic music.

    • The SunBurn Festival: should be attended by those who are fond of electronic music.

    • The Supersonic Festival: one more musical festival that is a must for visiting.

    • The Feast of St. Francis Xavier and Christmas: great holidays that are celebrated with special warmth

    Do not deny yourself delicacies of the traditional cuisine, juicy seafood in combination with traditional drinks.

    Some doubt if this place is suitable for family holidays with kids. Moms and dads can have a great time with their kids, sit side by side on the sand, build huge castles, sandy snowmen, do something together, and at the same time, communicate with other parents. Or play Frisbee, jump rope, twist the hoop, practice yoga and any other activities, being near the kid. Virtually all of the cafes have a "chill out section", that is, low tables and mattresses with cushions around. This is obviously a convenient thing for parents with children. There are many cafes, where the tables stand on the sand, that is, the children can climb on the sand, play, and the parents, at this time, have a snack. There were more fascinating things are waiting for the tourists.

  3. Enjoy Beach Rest at the Havelock Island

  4. Sunbathing in winter sounds great, doesn't it? Then why not to escape from the city bustle? There are some Fascinating Things for those who love Adventure. Here you can not only sunbathe but enjoy active rest. Lovers of diving and snorkelling will not regret choosing this place. Despite rather dynamic development, the way of life here remains simple. The tropical climate makes it possible to come here during the whole year whenever you like. The average temperature in winter varies from 14 to 22 ° C.

  5. Plunge into the atmosphere of eternal holiday in Delhi

  6. November and December weather makes the capital city ideal for sightseeing. Indulge in historical legends and immerse yourself in the charm of the bustling city.

    • Go for a walk along the narrow city streets, which preserved the city history

    • Don't miss a chance to go to the Red Fort and Jama Masjid Mosque

    • Don't pass by the President Rashtrapati Bhavan Residence.

    This is one of the most important places in India. Those who plan to go shopping can do this here. Delhi is a popular place for shopping. Bright markets of the city present interesting elements of clothing, jewellery, artefacts and other local treasures. The city unites descendants of various nationalities - Moguls, inhabitants of the North Indian part of the country, Afghans and many others. Nightlife and entertainment here, too, remains out of the competition. Delhi will give bright impressions to every traveller to every taste and colour.

  7. Visit at least one Hindu temple

  8. In the Indian pantheon, there are several thousand deities, the most powerful of which are all sorts of temple complexes across the country. Most often, with excursion programs, tourists are invited to choose one or more temples that they wish to visit in a particular state. It is worth remembering, however, that foreigners are not allowed to enter all the temples. Violation of this rule is punishable by prison. Another most interesting things in India are each end every religion has their own temples and rituals.

  9. Become a star of an Indian film

  10. For tourists who are caught up in the high season in Goa, vacation can become a star hour. At this time, there are literally on duty agents of Indian film studios who are looking for types for the roles of foreigners in a variety of films. Tourists are not guaranteed a high fee for an episodic role, but the studio takes all the costs of travel and accommodation. The Indian Dream Factory - Bollywood - is located in the neighbouring state of Maharashtra. Travelling there independently is not recommended - 80% of the state's population speaks the Marathi language, and even a good possession of Hindi will not save from the language barrier.

  11. Attend the annual the carnival in Arambol

  12. Another Famous place to visit India at the height of the season will be an annual festival in the small village of Arambol. Every year in February thousands of different freaks from all over the world come here to make a truly bright and crazy show. The village itself is unofficially considered to be the "last refuge of the hippies", but apart from the typical "children of flowers", you can meet here a variety of young and not very young festival participants.

  13. Buy a national costume

  14. This rule of tourists in India is most often observed by women. The most interesting thing is India has 29 States and it has their own tradition, dress code, Language, food etc. To leave the country without a bright national sari is a big omission, according to many tourists. Buying national costumes is best in markets where you can not only choose from a larger assortment but also successfully negotiate a favourable price. The traditions of making saris in each state can be different, and the price of a national cape sometimes takes off to obscurity - everything will depend on the number of jewellery on the fabric.

  15. Taste specific Indian cuisine

A variety of dishes of Indian cuisine is associated with specific traditions that have been established for centuries in certain areas. In India, there are some most interesting and special things, which are world famous. Beef is not available throughout the country, you can try pork dishes only on Goa, and the southern states are the territory of a strict vegetarian diet. A special charm to Indian dishes is given by serving on organic plates, which, more often are made from palm leaves.


Guest Author: Travelia Holidays25 Dec 2017

Apart from attending Goa music festival in India there are many other tourist places to visit like Kerala, Manali, Ooty, Munnar, Delhi, Mumbai etc. You can contact various tourist travel companies in Patna which arranges your domestic and international tourist packages. Come and enjoy the Indian culture.

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Nice travel guide, I really love to read your post.

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That's a great list do in India. You can also look into the historical wing of India where one can find cultural aspects and monuments to explore. One should not miss this part of India.

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