Planning a trip to Ladakh? Read these travel tips for a safe experience to Ladakh

Here is an article about travelling tips to the wanderers heading to Leh Ladakh trip. The motive is to make them aware of the Ladakh beauty and Acclimatization in Ladakh. The precautionary measures to be taken for high altitude health problems are also discussed.

Ladakh has always been a sought-after destination for all backpackers and those adventure seekers. This heavenly pace is more famous of its serene monasteries where you will find your inner peace and serenity, colourful mountains, Deep Blue coloured lakes, cold deserts, a Superb culture which seems to be having a Tibetan influence on them and extreme weather conditions. The mild and calming sound of bells in the monasteries will soothe your soul for rest of your life. The tourist requires taking extra precautions while on entire tour to Leh Ladakh. You need to take utmost care of your body and breathing pattern.

Acclimatization in Ladakh would be quite difficult for the tourists. Because of which you might feel a headache, Dizziness, Acute Mountain Sickness (i.e.AMS) Thus a little planning and change in the lifestyle would lead you to enjoy the spellbound beauty of nature. Usually, if you are travelling from Manali route your body would be more easily adjust with the high altitude than directly landing to Leh Ladakh.

Ladakh is the highest plateau in the state of Jammu & Kashmir with much of it being over 3,000 m (9,800 ft). Ladakh is situated at the extremely high altitude. All the best of best tourist spots in Leh Ladakh are situated at the High Altitude. You might have visited Kasmir, Manali, Shimla or any other area in India where you can see the snow but Ladakh is known for its colourful mountains and high passes mainly.
Ladakh would be a challenge for you in case if you don't get accustomed to its weather.

Following are few tips to take care of yourself while you are exploring the heaven in India.

1. High Altitude Seekness Preventions
Being the highest plateau in Jammu & Kashmir, it has got very less oxygen which makes miserable experience while breathing. So better pack the medicines for Acute Mountain sickness. Please consult with your Family doctor before buying those medicines and understand the effects and side effects of the same.

2. Eating habits
Your Body needs calories. Try to add more Carbohydrates to your diet so that you will get the necessary energy for the smooth functioning of your body.

3. A Big NO to Alcohol, Tobacco, Anti – Depressant Drugs or Smoking
These things may lead to short breath. Because of high Altitude, you would be struggling with the respiratory issue and consumption of these things would worsen the condition.

4. Keep Camphor or Garlic with you while travelling.
Yes, sound strange..?? Smelling Camphor and Garlic chewed with water during the trip helps a lot to prevent you from AMS.

5. Don't overexert yourself.
The reason behind this is more activities or exertion would make you more tired and then because of short breath you might fall sick.
Even the hotel authorities would suggest you slow down.

6. Mind the Twists and Turns
Ladakh is Land of high Passes like Changla Pass or Khardungla Pass ( the highest motorable pass). While going from one tourist place to another you will experience a sickness because of continuous twists and turns. You would probably travel in the morning so try to eat less so that you won't feel nautic because of that roller coaster ride.

7. Be hydrated completely and avoid overhydration
Being hydrated would keep the oxygen level in your body in the proper state. You can drink juice or water mixed with ORS or Garlic pieces.
At the same time, drinking water without feeling thirsty would worsen your condition with vomiting and nautic feeling. So it should be on need basis.

8. Take a Good Night sleep
Although you are on vacation your body is struggling to adjust to the new weather so try to take a very good night sleep. But avoid sleeping in the daytime.

9. Keep a Hot Bag with you
Hot Bag would help you to keep you warm.

10. Don't forget those Thermals, Woolen clothes and snowshoes.
Keep that extra pair of warm clothes with you on your Ladakh trip. The clothes should be the completely dry condition. Carrying an extra pair of woollen Socks would make you feel better.

11. Mind the slightest change in your body
Our body always provides us with signals in case if anything is going wrong with it. Make sure you listen to your body. It is always better to change your plan and move down if your body is denying to take the High Altitude challenges.

12. Oxygen Kit
Almost every traveller vehicle in Ladakh have Oxygen Kit for the tourist. Make sure your travel agent or the cab driver has got ample of supply of oxygen kit and that too working condition. I remember when we visited Ladakh, there was one tourist whose 8-year-old daughter suffered from shortness of breath and at that point, the kit they were having was not working so they borrowed it from us. As we had already taken all the safety measure we never needed that kit 

So, I would suggest it's your turn to navigate your way through Ladakh and explore maximum possibilities waiting for you there. But don't forget those four words LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Happy Travelling ..!!

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