Do travel hacks actually work?

Do you think the travel hacks from the travel experts actually work? Let's take a look.

Question 1 - Luggage:

Total days of vacation (Excluding journey) = X (Example - 10 days)
Pairs of clothes you need for the trip = Half of "X" (5 days - 5 pairs of clothes)
This will reduce your luggage by half. But how will you manage?

Answer 1: After 40%-50% through the trip (4-5 days), simply get the used clothes laundered at a nearby laundry service.

Benefit 1 - Better to pay a little for laundry than paying a lot to the airlines for additional weight.
Benefit 2 - Easier to carry the lighter bag (obviously). You can instantly shift, move, switch anywhere you want. No hassles. Travel like a pro!

Truth 1 - You would feel a lot better about the light luggage after the trip. That is when you will realize how good it has been for you.

Question 2 - Bookings:

Do not think of every trip as an experience of a lifetime. Don't expect every ounce of relaxation from this trip or any other trip for that matter. That would simply disappoint you, dissatisfy you and leave you craving for more. That is how you end up going on another trip and another and so on. Instead, you could do this.

Answer 2 - Choose the best website and stick to it. It should preferably have the following:

a) An easy-to-use Android/iOS application. Ex: Cleartrip, Makemytrip
b) A reasonably good integration with your email address. Ex: Google trips, Tripcase, Tripit
c) Timely SMS updates/On-call helpline in case you don't have internet connectivity. Makemytrip hotline is considered above average.

When you stick to one single website which scores above average points on important aspects, you tend to get the most benefits credited all in one single place.

Truth 2 - Don't go only for offers, discounts and all the bells & whistles. The cashback has an expiry date (ideally 2-3 months after your trip) and the websites constantly remind you to use it up. For using up a cashback of 10 bucks, we tend to spend 90 more on a holiday we didn't need. We feel like we are losing a free benefit, but no it is not free. You are paying the rest of the amount which you would not have paid otherwise.

Question 3 - Roll up clothes to save space. Really?

Answer 3 - It is utter nonsense. You may save space for maybe a t-shirt or two but what use is it?
Based on Answer 1, pack only what you need for the trip. Don't pack anything thinking "what if I need this?". You won't! Even if you feel there is some space left then keep it empty, you may purchase something which would not make you carry an extra bag.

Also, pack only 1 or maybe 2 pairs of footwear at the most. Based on your destination, pack footwear that is easy on your feet but gives comfort even if you walk the whole day.
Ex: Beach destinations, Casual tourist spots can be visited with flip-flops. You don't need to be formal, you are on a holiday. Sightseeing spots may require some comfortable shoes but it all depends on your convenience.

Truth 3: If you carry more than 1 pair you would end up keeping it in your hotel room because the charm of wearing those clothes and footwear will wear down after the first day. After that, you'll be seasoned to the local atmosphere and chill in a pair of loose footwear and casual clothes because nobody really cares.

Question 4 - Expecting to meet someone? *The devil sniggers*

Never ever, ever ever, ever expect to meet someone on a trip. When you are on a trip, your mind is on a different level of relaxation. Mostly it is all just your mental state, not the place you are in. Your brain is open to the world around you and you are aware of the fact that you are feeling better than you did back home.

All these feelings make you feel thrilled to have some companionship during your vacation. But no! People are different there just like you. You won't be really happy if you are looking for happiness elsewhere other than your own self. Trust yourself to have fun and maybe make some friends at the local shacks or stores for familiarity but don't expect to find any romantic partners (unless you want someone who you won't ditch them when you see their real self after the vacation)

Truth 4 - Even if you are willing to have a long-term relationship, maybe the other person just wants to enjoy their time and get it out of their system to go back to their regular life. This will leave you heart-broken and make you crave for relaxation, which was not the point of this trip.

Question 5 - Returning home to your boring life. NO! it's not boring you interesting sadist!

Your life is not boring! The fact that you could go on this trip emphasises on how you could manage to go and return home safely in spite of all the fears you had. Your confidence was more than your amount of fear and your success is more than just going on a trip. Its something only you would understand. Even if other people went on the exact same trip they wouldn't learn what you did.

You have just come back refreshed and wise from the trip. Maybe even a tad bit intelligent about your trip organising skills so that you don't need to read articles like these again! Think about it. What if you could write down what you learnt from this trip and not in detail, but in short but effective tiny tales that would teach your future self when you are feeling low. Huh! How about it?

Write them down. Just one line or maybe two. Next time you feel that your life is boring, flip through those pages and remember your moments. After all, those pages and lines are your creations, hold on to them because nobody else has learnt what you did

May you travel far and wide with all the time and happiness in the world! Happy travelling



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