Top 10 monuments to visit in Lucknow

Are you looking for visiting some historical places in Lucknow? Here is a list of the top 10 monuments to visit in Lucknow and surroundings.

Lucknow, a city with the perfect mix of cultural diversity is Uttar Pradesh's capital. The grand courtly manners, the delicious food, Building belonging to the British Era, beautiful mausoleums, and many other spectacles aptly define the beauty of this city. The central part of Lucknow features some wide boulevards, monuments that are magnanimously sized along with ample gardens and parks. The best thing about this city is the grand treatment you receive as a guest. Let's get up close with the beautiful and recognizable asset of the city which is its monuments. You can read more about some of the well-known monuments that are a must visit when you travel to Lucknow in

  1. Bara Imambara:

    This particular monument has been listed as a spectacular beauty that was once known to serve as a religious monument for the Muslims. This urged the tourists from different parts of the world to look through its intricate designs and admire the perfect architecture. Bara Imambara was actually established in between the year 1783-84. It was the brain-child of Lucknow's fourth Nawab. When you get to the upper section of this monument, you will come across a "Bhul Bhulaiya" or the "Puzzle Track" designed to confuse the visitors. As you reach the apex, you get to experience a panoramic view.

    Read more about Bara Imambara

  2. Rumi Darwaza:

    The Rumi Dawaza is an impressive gateway that is almost similar to Bara Imambara. It was a creation of Nawab Asaf-ud-daula which dates more than 230 years back. The monument is close to 60 feet in height which is often termed as the "Turkish Gateway" which holds a striking resemblance to Gateway of Constantinople. It ranks among the highly spectacular monuments located in the city. It is located at a distance of 5 kilometres from the Lucknow Railway Station while being 12 kilometres apart from the local airport. Read more about Rumi Darwaza in Wikipedia.

  3. Chhota Imamabara:

    The Chhota Imamabara is also known as Imamabara of Hussainabad. Mohammed Ali Shah was the founder of this monumental example of perfect architecture established in 1839. The domes of this monument are gold plated while the small size of the structure plays a major role in being the attraction factor for the visitors. The place is open for visitors amidst the time frame of 6am-5pm. To know more about the history behind this monument, visit the and plan a great holiday trip.

  4. Clock Tower of Lucknow:

    If you have been to the Rumi Darwaza, do not forget to hike a few steps and reach the clock tower located just beside which is 221 feet in height. It is one among the many awe-inspiring monumental
    scenarios in the city. It was built under the reign of the British government.
  5. Badshah Bagh:

    The Badshah Bagh came into being in 1864 after being constructed in the form of an institution that was set for educational purposes. However, two years post its establishment; it was adapted as Canning College. Currently, only a small part of the Badshah Bagh has been kept running as the Lucknow University Main Campus. It is located at 13-kilometre distance from the closest airport while the distance from the closest railway station is about 3 kilometres.

  6. Asafi Masjid:

    Now, you might not have heard but when you take the help of a local guide, you will come across another monumental beauty located inside the same complex as of Bara Imamabara. Created with some of the most magnificent and mesmerizing designs, this particular mosque was actually built by the Nawabs. It was during the time when Lucknow was designated to post of Awadh's capital city while replacing Faizabad in a permanent manner.

  7. Chattar Manzil:

    Farhad Baksh is another name for the Chattar Manzil which was established by the French General. It came into being in 1781 near the River Gomti. French General, Claude Martin went on to announce this particular heritage site as his very own "Town House". It is a spectacularly constructed and multi-storied building that houses 1800 rooms. If you are looking forward to reach this place with the help of local commute, you can easily get here from the local railway station by the help of buses or auto rickshaws. If you have been visiting Lucknow via airways, you can reach the Chattar Manzil by travelling 15 kilometer distance.

  8. Residency:

    If you are looking for a monument which holds high relevance when it comes to India's Independence, a visit to the Lucknow Residency is must. It was the prime witness when it comes to first ever war for the independence of India which started in the year 1857. Located at the edges of River Gomti, the main frame of this building was formed under the instructions of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah. It is spread in an area close to 30 acres which is a vast collection of some dilapidated structures along with ruined buildings and smashed walls. For tourists who want to breathe in an authentic Lucknawi experience, you need to cover 3 kilometres distance from Charbagh Lucknow Railway Station to reach this location. For passengers travelling via airways, you can reach this location by travelling 13 kilometres.

  9. Dilkusha Palace:

    The Dilkusha Palace consists of 4 beautifully constructed octagonal towers which used to be three-storeyed edifice paired with shining touch of pottery art. As you enter the steps of the palace, the central doorway takes you into a perfect example of Mughal architecture.

  10. Musa Bagh:

    Located in the western periphery of Lucknow city, the Musa Bagh was founded by Awadh's fifth Nawab named Saadat Ali Khan. The building is a cumulative approach to the Indo-European architecture that decks the banks of River Gomti. It holds an uncanny similarity with another structure in Lucknow named Chattar Manzil. You can easily get to this place and enjoy a beautiful sunset overlooking the Musa Bagh. For railway travellers, the distance to reach this place is 9 kilometres while travellers opting for airways as the means of travel, this place can be reached by covering a distance of 15 kilometres.

For any new tourist visiting the city, these sensational monuments have welcomed its onlookers with open arms that bring along creative designs, astounding sculptures, as well as relatable history for the tourists.


Author: Harshil Patel23 Jul 2018 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

This is awesome! I am sure to visit Badshah Bagh.

Guest Author: Bharat Taxi24 Jan 2020

Lucknow makes the opportunity to see humongous Parks, Statues and various other historical & architectural buildings which make the city beautiful and enjoyable. And you have fully justified with the help of your blog. Thanks.

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