The misty host - Kodaikanal | An awesome travel experience

Thinking about a place to visit in South India to relax and make your vacation memorable? Here is my travel experience to Kodaikanal. Check this out to learn more about how to make your holidays in Kodaikanal more joyful.

Do you ever look at the clouds while being stuck in traffic and fit them into your wild imaginations of unicorns and funnily shaped animals? Now visualize this; you're in a home-stay fixated in one of the crevices of the excessively green covered mountains, sipping on Vattakanal's home-brewed hot chocolate and a Columbus decides to pay you a visit. In a matter of seconds, suddenly the room turns blurry, and you can literally see the cloud gracefully pass in front of your eyes. This is how Kodaikanal welcomes you!


Places like this rejuvenate a person. It recharges one's mental state of being which usually depreciates with one's monotonous corporate or routine lifestyle. This beautiful, memorable trip began with the desperate need for a road trip. From an idea of a solo trip on a motorcycle to over two dozen excited, adrenaline junkies packed in two cars ready to hit the roads happened overnight. An unplanned rendezvous and the 470 km journey began.


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How to reach Kodaikanal?

Now, you could choose a less tiring and faster means of transport and book a sleeper bus to Kodaikanal; but the adventure and thrill in a self-driven vehicle are unrivalled. But this alternative has its own red flags; Stress on the proclaimed driver of the group, delay due to a couple of wrong turns owing to the inexperience of the shotgun and too many stops. Eleven hours of rigorous driving, few seat shifts, multiple-genre music and voila, the fresh breath of Kodai. Goosebumps and blocked ears are inescapable with the drastic shift in altitude. Lush greenery, vividly coloured flowers, scenic canopies in a distance half-dressed in clouds, the sound of crickets summoning the kodai showers and fellow tourists is just a thumbnail for you.

How to book a hotel? No, not TRIVAGO!

Finding a place to stay wouldn't be an issue. The travel agencies and room renters can sniff tourists and the moment they see you walking with a backpack they would pounce on you like scavengers, advertising their varied accommodation options. Just pick the one that suits your needs and you should be set. The locals are friendly and definitely helpful when it comes to directions, places to visit and small requirements like firewood for a campfire maybe?!

Although you've not travelled hundreds of kilometres to stay indoors a good home-stay surely makes a difference. The accommodation is reasonably cheap and thus choosing a good one is critical. Waking up to a breathtaking view of the mountains is sheer joy in itself.


Where to eat in Kodaikanal

This majestic hill-station located in the heart of Tamil Nadu is home for tourists from around the world and for this very reason, the variety of food the cafes and food joints offer are fascinating. Menus include Italian, Chinese and English delicacies. Now if you're visiting Vattakanal, not trying the Chicken Schnitzel from Altaf's Café would be a sin.


Things to do in Kodaikanal

Kodai, the princess of hill-stations has a number of places to visit to blow your mind. The trek to the Vattakanal waterfalls is one of them. This trek in the rainy season is heavily risk-laden with moss covered rocks which would throw you off your feet literally. A trekking cable would come in handy. The Dolphin nose or Cliff viewpoint is also a mesmerizing spot with a view worth a thousand words. As the winds blow the clouds, the sky turns clear for a brief window in which you can catch a glimpse of the serene landscape clad in shades of green; and almost immediately the sky is again covered with clouds and all you can see is a white screen. These places are naturally so very beautiful, but along the way, I couldn't help but notice litter.


A request: Please do not dispose of used plastic bottles and cigarette packs. Make sure you collect it and dispose it at a dustbin close by. The entire city of Vattakanal is so gorgeous that even sitting in a café relishing a meal amidst the awe-inspiring ambience would trigger your brain cells.

Travel tips for visitors to Kodaikanal and Vattakkanal

A small bonus tip for all you fellow travellers. Now I'm sure a few of you would want to visit all the tourist spots in the location but from personal experience don't cramp your trips with a tight schedule. Visit a few places, take a breath, enjoy the moment you are in. You don't want to be exhausted and drained out by the end of the trip. By default, we can assume most people travel to relax. Reality will come knocking on your door soon; make sure you return with a boosted spirit, charged internally until your next trip.


Being associated with nature on such a close level makes it difficult to leave the place. The transition is significant. There was something about this trip; could be the impeccable timing (end of September), right circle of people, or just maybe that's how badly I needed it. Either way, it turned out to be an amazing trip with a truckload of memories. Stop drooling, start packing, and take that trip you deserve!

About Author: Derryl Preetham Castelino

Sarcastic, subtle humourist; Got a little of the travel bug in me. Picturesque places fascinate me. I would love to try every cuisine from the place of its origin itself. Food and Travel make me happy!


Guest Author: Zulaikha06 Nov 2018

Loved this blog and want to visit Kodaikanal.

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Beautiful pictures and very helpful blog. Thanks for sharing information about Kodaikanal.

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Nice travel blog about Kodaikanal.

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