Travel Tips for International Travellers to India

While you are in your salad days and on the loose and India is not in your bucket list? You have got to be kidding me!

Travel Tips to India for International Travellers

India is an incredible country with picturesque beauty, beautiful hill stations, lush green forests, snow-capped mountains, true-blue rivers, crowded beaches, drop-dead gorgeous spots, easy on the eye heritage, world-famous spicy food and so on. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, India is a place that can cool down the internal temperature of your soul. Vola!


Before heading to India, like any other place, there are a few important things you must keep a close eye on. But where to start off? Alright, nothing is to worry about in this case. Putting the following tips into practice would definitely win you a tremendous tour of India. Also, keeping these low downs in mind would take much of your tightness out of you.

Packing your bag

You might have heard a Spanish proverb "On the long journey, even a straw weighs heavy". To make the best out of it, consider applying the aforementioned proverb. Pack your bag accordingly and it is recommended not to take extra luggage with you. In case you have got excess baggage on you, don't worry about that either. There are a handful of companies who give their services of shipping to India.

Packing your bag

Directly after that, there are a few things you should carry with you such as clothes, shoes, credit cards, personal care items, medications, chargers, padlocks etc. Almost everything is available in India, so don't worry if you want to pack less. Credit cards are accepted except remote areas so you have no need to carry much cash all the time with you. With that, always carry a separate bag for dirty clothes as well.
In-depth search is important.

Having said that, India is a big country and you need months to see all the places. Therefore, plan your trip accordingly before packing your rucksack. Put on your thinking cap and weigh up what lights your fire, which place you like most and how much time you have got, and then make your trip up correspondingly. Visit India for minimum 10 days at least and if you have got no time checks, that would hit the nail on the head.

In depth search is important

Another factor that needs huge attention is the weather conditions. While India is a big country, weather changes drastically. On one hand, you can experience 45C and head to the next corner and you'll be spotting snow-capped mountains in hilly areas. Therefore, keep a close eye on the weather updates before planning the tour and do an in-depth research. Some places like Tamil Nadu receive the enormous amount of rainfall each year so watch out for the weather forecast from the local authorities and visit these places during the recommended season.

Straight after that, heath is a significant factor as well. Before planning your trip, speak to your doctor and tell them about where you are heading to and your span of stay out there. Ask for the medications and vaccinations, if necessary. If you are on medicines, pack your medicines along with your luggage so that you don't face any difficulty getting them around there.


Well, India is a huge country with 1.36 billion people. And accommodation is the first and foremost thing you must fix your gaze on. Budget accommodation can be a big mess. So, book a budget hostel before your arrival.


Big cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. give the thumbs up to pocket-friendly hostels. You will be witnessing plenty of people out there in hostels if you are gregarious. It is recommended to go to a hostel instead of the hotel. Off you go!

Staying healthy

There are no two ways about the fact that true wealth is health. As India is a growing country, so heath is still an issue. A plenty of illness cases have been reported from the foreigner travellers backpacking India. Wash your hands multiple times in order to keep germs away from you. Keep yourself hydrated and always drink bottled water. Don't drink tap water at any cost. Eat freshly cooked food and never eat food that's open to flies and dust. This way you can stay away from Delhi-belly.

This way you can stay away from Delhi-belly.

If your belly is not used to of too much spice, avoid eating street food. As Indian food is spice packed, chances are there that you'd suffer Delhi-belly. Try out fresh lime soda and lassi to help your body keep hydrated.

If you have a headache or feel light–headed or feeling green at the gills, you may be beaten by the heat exhaustion. Dioralyte rehydration sachets, easily available at all pharmacies, will make you feel better. Also, use mosquito repellents during evening and night time.


Use public transport instead of using taxis or auto rickshaws. Travelling around India is super easy as you can rely on trains, buses and flights. Don't use private transport as taxi drivers tend to make more money in the form of an extra fair in case they come to know that you are a foreigner.


While travelling in public transport, keep a close eye on your luggage and pockets as there are many thieves out there at bus stops and train stations.

Be aware of frauds and pickpockets

Keep an adequate amount of cash on you all the time. Don't travel with the huge amount of cash on you. Plus, don't cough up too much money to beggars as this will make the scammers and touts chase you immediately. It's multum in parvo to keep an adequate amount of money with you. Directly after that, it's vital to place the cash in separate places of the body. This is due to the reason that in case you lose money from one pocket, you will be able to find it from another place.

Be aware of frauds and pickpockets

Never ever accept a free ride from any person whom you are unaware of. This is sometimes a scamming trick. So, avoid free rides even if the person who is offering it looks sophisticated. You can't leave insurance out of this. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Dress adequately

You need to follow the dress codes throughout your stay specifically while visiting holy places such as temples, mosques, shrines etc. Taking off your shoes and covering your head
You need to dress modestly while visiting India. And if you are a female backpacker, cover your chest and other body parts before getting in. People do stare in India. Well, the truth hurts. So get yourself ready to be gawped by plenty of people passing by.

Dress Adequately

That's not very much common in big cities. You can wear whatever you want in big cities but that's not the case with remote areas specifically villages. Plus, people in India are pretty much friendly and hospitable. They don't hesitate in asking personal questions about yourself such as what is your name and about the place you are heading to. But, that's their way of showing affection and hospitality. It will be a great idea if you dress just like the locals to feel comfortable and appreciated.

Traffic is Insane

Traffic in India is incredibly barmy. What else would you expect from a country with 1.36 billion people? There is thumping great traffic down the roads and you will be lending your ears to too many horns and that's enough to ruin your mood, for sure. Populous cities like Delhi and Mumbai have streets full of people, particularly in markets. To make your case, you get to plan accordingly.

Traffic is insane

That means, keeping a close weather on the time checks will get the job done for you. It is recommended to leave your hostel at least an hour before time if you are travelling through public transport to avoid being late.

Another very important thing you must pin your hopes on is the map. Yes, you have to keep a map of the place you are paying a call on to get the idea of the right and shortest route to follow. It's a very famous proverb "Haste Makes Waste". Consider implementing it. Keep yourself fresh and keep a few minutes in your hand to save yourself from any loss in haste. Be careful while walking down the crowded streets and don't show anyone from your facial expressions that it's your first trip to India.

Enjoy the moment, forget about the rest

People in India spill on the roads and hang their hats in shopping malls and markets especially in the evening. So, don't lose your cool and be relaxed. Just enjoy shopping and forget about the crowd.

Enjoy the moment, forget about the rest

Be geared up to be surrounded by the bunch of people at shopping marts or other tourist attractions. This is due to the reason that they get excited about meeting with people from outside the country and get the photo with them. That's sensational, isn't it?

Don't wear too much gold

It is recommended not to wear too much gold or diamond jewellery. This will pave the way for scams and touts to chase you. Basically, the gold or diamond can highlight you and make you stand out from the crowd.


Can you leave insurance out of this? Absolutely not. Also, don't hand over your luggage such as suitcase or handbag to anyone at any cost.

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I loved your article so much and appreciate your views. This will be really helpful for international travelers who visit India. Thank you for sharing such useful information on this blog.

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Really Interesting article giving nice tips to the travelers coming from foreign countries to visit India.

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Good article for international as well as local travelers. I have visited many places in India like Taj Mahal, Humayun Tomb, as well as Gateway of India.

Thank you for sharing this informative blog.

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This is very nice article. India is very big country, different types of peoples live in this country. Traveling in India is not easy this tips is very helpful for traveler. Thanks for Sharing.

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