7 Things You Must Know Before Taking a Self-Drive Car for Rent

Are you or your friend thinking of hiring a self-drive car? Then there are a few things that you must know or be clear about. Let us take a look at those few things that you must know before taking a self-drive car for rent.

  1. You should definitely know driving. This is the primary requirement for a person to be able to hire a self-drive car. Although it may so happen that you are taking the car for your wife or husband or son or daughter who will be actually driving the car. Anyways, knowing driving is a basic necessity and along with that, you should have a good driving record. Although no car rental service is going to check your past driving record, it is necessary to be a good driver in order to avoid any unprecedented problems while driving the car.

  2. You should know the streets of the area where you want to drive the car. You must either have an intricate road map of the places you want to drive your car in or you must be familiar with those areas. The reason is that there might be different rules and different road signs in different states. Say, for example, you are an exceptionally brilliant driver in West Bengal, but in order to drive safely in another state like Kerala, you must first know about the street rules, signs, and times for one way, the road connectors, the expressways and much more. For this, you can take the help of the rental car service providers.

  3. car driving route

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  4. The car company from where you are going to hire the car should be a renowned one. Therefore, you should research the company from the internet, from the people who own cars in your locality. For example, if you belong to Kerala and you ask people who hire self-drive cars from that area, you are definitely going to hear the name IndusGo. IndusGo is best rent a car in Kerala that offers various types of cars for some hours to as long as a week. Therefore, good words from the public who have earlier used the services of that car rental company are very important.

  5. Then you must definitely know the rules of the car rental service provider. For example, you require a self-drive car to drive somewhere out of the city. However, you don't know, that the service provider that you are hiring to deliver your car doesn't provide a car for tours outside the city, then you will be breaching their rules, and you will fall into some legal hassle. You should know the types of cars provided by the company, the duration for each and every car. Sometimes some companies don't lend smaller cars for more than a day. In that case, if you require a car for a longer time, say a week, you should think of hiring bigger cars from that company.

  6. The next thing that you should know in details is about the car. The type of the car, the mileage of the car, the petrol amount left in the car, any damages already present in the car(the car company should not be able to blame you for any dent or damage inside or outside the car). When you take charge of the car, you will have to sign a contract. Make sure that the information about the car is written on the contract. Make sure you completely read and comprehend the contract rules and regulations. You and the representative of the car company from whom you are hiring the car for the day should agree upon the dents and damages already present in the car before you take charge of the car. You should agree on the compensation to be paid to the company for any kind of damages created to the car by you.

  7. You should know the documents that you need to submit before you take charge of the car. It has happened to a few tourists, where they have formally talked to the car rental company and agreed on the terms of leasing the car. However, on the day of getting the car have forgotten to carry the required documents. Therefore, without the required documents, the agreement becomes null and void.
    documents required for car rent

  8. You should also inquire whether or not you can purchase car insurance for the car you are hiring. This is advisable for those who are going to hire the car for more than a day. If you are hiring a car for a week, then you should purchase car insurance, in case any emergencies arise. Such insurance even covers the charges if the mirrors break during an accident. It would be advisable to purchase insurance for your own car that can be extended in the future for the rental cars. This way, it will be easier to extend the insurance for the car.

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You should keep the above things in mind, while you are thinking of renting a car. Some of these things are very essential, although can seem quite basic. One thing that you should also know barring the above is that it is not mandatory that you hire a self-drive car to drive yourself. You can also hire a driver for that car from the same company. This will obviously cause you extra charges. On the positive side, you will not have to worry about the first four points mentioned here. The driver, being an employee of the car rental company itself will take care of those. However, the fun of driving a car away from home in a new state or district is only if you drive it yourself. If you think, it is better to hire a cab than to hire a private rental car with a driver. If you want to spend some quality time with your family outside the state and know the skills of driving, then hire self-drive cars to serve your purpose.


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