Journey through the Silk Road? Try these three Packages

Traveling through the Silk Road might be a daunting task for the solo traveler. This is why we recommend using some of the packages that local tour agencies are offering as a convenient way to travel. Experience a journey of a lifetime trough the Silk Road

Journey through the Silk Road? Try these three Packages!

Traveling along the Silk Road after many famous and great merchants, but also many historians is an incredible experience that will make you richer by getting to know new cultures, traditions and various religions that are spread throughout the territory of China, and along the Silk Road.

Silk Road tour packages

Surely you want to find out more about the Silk Road packages before booking a travel agency.

The Silk Road tours are about 7000 km long, of which 4000 km belongs to the territory of China.

In the past, different goods were traded from the West to the East and vice versa.

The Silk Road in the past, but it still has great significance today for the gathering of nations from several continents, starting from the Far East, through Central Asia to the Western Countries to Italy. The road had several branches that go to Africa.

Tourist agencies and tour operators have made many different Silk Road tours to meet the needs and wishes of tourists. We have some experience with some of the Silk Road Tour Packages from this website, however i would recommend doing a thorough research before booking.

All Silk Road packages usually include: transportation, accommodation, meals, taxes, and fees.
Researching, I visited many of the travel agents that offer Silk Road packages, and almost all of them can provide excellent Silk Road tours filled with unforgettable days.

Backpackers like Matthias from UnNavigated recommend taking a longer journey when traveling on destinations like these in order to experience the adventure to the fullest.

Here are some interesting Silk Road packages in China, that are offered by China Travel Agencies:
If you are an adventurer and if you want to hike this will be the most exciting offer for you.

5 days Silk Road tours packages

This kind of Silk Road tours includes a hike through the surreal beauty of the Zhangye Danxia Landform and then camp in the Badain Jaran Desert Oasis.
These Silk Road tours usually start in Zhangye, where you can get by train or by flight. All day you will be surrounded by beautiful Zhangye Danxia Landform, and in the evening you will see the most stunning sunset mixed with a splash of colors from the hills.

The day two is reserved for driving through Badain Jaran desert, and you can hike on the dunes.
Day 3 is again in the Badain Jaran Desert and then drive back to Zhangye where you can head out to the highest dune in the Badain Jaran Desert and climb to the top of Bilutu Peak, the third-tallest dune in the world.
On day 4, you will Drive to Jiayuguan - Visit Jiayuguan Pass & Overhanging Great Wall. On this day you will visit Giant Buddha Temple in Zhangye and Overhanging Great Wall. Called the Xuanbi Great Wall in Chinese, this is a place with one of the most spectacular views along the Great Wall.
On day 5, you are packing and have a flight back home with a great new experience.

8 Days Silk Road packages: Kashgar- Tashuorgan- Kashgar- Urumqi- Turpan- Dunhuang

This kind of Silk Road tours are one of the shortest trips, but are not less attractive. If you want to experience the cultural and religious tradition, these kind of Silk Road packages will be the perfec for you.
The tour starts in Kashgar and exploring the city.

Be prepared for the next day. You will see the most breathtaking landscapes in Tashkorgan Sighteeing. In the package is included a visit of Stone Fort- a historical heritage and ancient ruin along the Silk Road.
You’ll be visiting Abakh Khoja Tombs, Sunday Market, Kashgar Old Town, Id Kah Mosque on the fourth day.

Day five is reserved for visiting Xinjiang Museum, Karez Well- Jiaohe Ancient City and Sugong Pagoda.
Next day is for visiting another famous ancient city in Turpan- Gaochang Ruins. This day also you will visit the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves. These caves were built on the legendary Flaming Mountains, which are barren, eroded red sandstone hills in Tian Shan Mountain range.

The seventh day will be all day exploring Dunhuang and visiting the Mogao Grottoes- a World Heritage Site on the Silk Road. From there with camel ride you will visit Mingsha Hill and Crescent Spring, there you’ll see the most spectacular sunset over the desert.

If 5 or 8 days are bit little to travel on The Silk Road, some packages last longer here's an example of an 18-day package tour.

18 days silk road packages

18 days Silk Road tours includes these city’s for visiting: Beijing- Urumqi, Kashgar, Turfan, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Lanzhou, Daili, Lijiang, Shangrila, Leshan, and Chengdu.

The tour starts in Urumqi, and that first day you will visit the Xinjiang Museum and Xinjiang International Bazaar. The Xinjiang Museum has the most extensive collection of cultural relics, and Xinjiang Bazaar is the largest market in Urumqi where you can find various souvenirs, great handcraft knives, carpets and everything that you can imagine is there in the bazaar.

Day two is reserved for visiting the Heavenly Lake.

The tour continued to Kashgar where you can visit the holiest place in Xinjiang- Abakh Khoja Tombs. Also that day you will visit Id Kah Mosque and The Old Town.

Sunday Bazaar (livestock Market), Bulunkou lake, Karakul Lake, Muztagh Ata, this are the sites that you are going to visit on the fourth day of this journey.

On the fifth day, you will go to Nanshan Grassland for a visit to the Terai Camp to an experience of Kazak nomad life.

Next day you are traveling to Heavenly Lake. There are eight beautiful scenic spots in the spectacular lake area, so prepare your cameras to take some beautiful photos.

Day seven you will be visiting Jiaohe ruins, Karez Irrigation System, Sugong Minaret, Tuyoq Valley, Flaming Mountain.

The most exciting day on this tour package is the day eight. This day you will visit Mogao Caves, Echoing-Sand Mountain, Crescent Lake. I'm particularly impressed by Mogao Caves, they are amazing.
The trip continues to Dunhuang- Jiayuguan- Lanzhou for visiting Jiayuguan Pass, The Great Wall on the Cliff, Great Walls Museum.

While you are in Lanzhou, you can visit Bingling Temple Grottoes, Gansu Provincial Museum, White Pagoda Hill.

Next for visiting is Stone Forest.

On the day 12, you will be in Dali and visiting Zhoucheng Village, Three Pagodas in Chongsheng Monastery.

Next days you will able to visit Xizhou Town, Baisha Village, Lijiang Ancient Town, First Bend of Yangtze River, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Stone Drum Town, Nixi Village, Benzilan Town, the Moon Bend of Jinsha River, Dongzhulin monastery.

If you love Panda bears, on the 16th day, you will have the opportunity to have a hug with this incredible bear.

On the 17th day will transfer you to visit Huanglongxi Ancient Town.
The last day of this trip is in Chengdu.

There are many options for traveling along the silk route. The agencies offer you to make your journey, just as much as you like.

First, you need to select a travel agency where you can trust her, and then select the travel package.
Since most of the Silk Road is on the territory of China, choose a travel agency that is from China. Their tour guides know much more about Silk Road history than another tour guide from a travel agency that is not from China.

Silk Road tour packages


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