Top 10 Wayanad Special Snacks & food items you must eat in your trip to Wayanad

There could be no better combination than a traveller being a foodie too. Here are Top 10 Wayanad food items & Special Snacks you must eat from Multi cuisine restaurants in Wayanad, Kerala from Fish moliee to putt and beef fry.


Nestled amidst the verdant Western Ghats, Wayanad is a magical place. It is a land of sheer beauty, that transports you into those stunning documentaries on mesmerising landscapes, which are shown on National Geographic. The only difference is that you are physically present to soak in its natural beauty – mist-covered mountain ranges, lush green forests, sparkling rivers and gushing waterfalls.

Wayanad is pure, fresh and absolutely stunning. But those are not its only claim to fame. The best experience of Wayanad lies in its food. The local delicacies tickle the taste buds and are a gastronomical delight. Wayanad cuisine is definitely worth exploring, whether, you are a foodie or not.

Multi-cuisine restaurants in Wayanad, are aplenty. Just, step into one, and savour the local food.

  1. Fish Moilee

  2. Fish Moilee

    This is one dish that you must try if you love to eat fish. Cooked in freshly extracted coconut milk, the gravy has a creamy texture. The delicate flavour of coconut infuses well with onions, curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, mustard seeds and other spices to create a flavourful dish.
    Order it with a bowl of steamed rice. The right way to eat it would be with a bowl of locally cultivated Gandhakasala rice. The aromatic rice and the fish moilee complement each other.

  3. Appam & Chicken stew

  4. Appam & Chicken stew

    Appam & Chicken stew is a traditional Syrian Christian breakfast food. Appam and chicken stew are a great combo. Appam is a rice pancake, made from rice that has been soaked, ground and allowed to ferment. Unlike the usual pancakes, which are flat and disc-shaped, appams are bowl-shaped, thin and crispy along the edges and soft and fluffy at the base.

    Like every other traditional Kerala dish, the chicken stew served as an accompaniment, is cooked, in coconut milk. The dish is lightly spiced and may contain bits of vegetables, along with chunky pieces of chicken.

  5. Nadan Beef Fry

  6. beef fry

    The dish is a burst of flavours; the cooking process involves bite-size beef pieces to be marinated in a mix of spices and vinegar and then slow cooked until the pieces turn soft and succulent. Slivers of coconut and curry patta, give the dish a distinctive taste.

    Nadan beef fry is a dry dish and makes a great starter – have it as you down a glass of chilled beer or the local toddy or your favourite drink. It also makes a great side dish and goes well with rice and kachimoru as also with appam or puttu or the good old roti.

  7. Payasam

  8. Semiya-Payasam

    Payasam is the traditional dessert of Kerala. It is served on special occasions and also to special guests. There are several variations of the dessert. If you like the taste of coconut, you are sure to fall in love with the refreshing elaneer payasam, made from tender coconut.

    Other variations include channa dal payasam, semiya payasam, aval (poha) payasam or the ada (rice) payasam, sago payasam etc. The addition of jaggery in payasam gives it a distinctive taste and smooth texture, that will have you reaching out for more.

  9. Karimeen Pollichathu

  10. karimeen pollicathu

    Imagine unwrapping a parcel on your plate. That is what karimeen pollichathu makes you do. This beautiful dish comes wrapped in banana leaf. Fish is marinated in spices and herbs, wrapped in banana leaf, and steamed until it is done. The fish absorbs the subtle aromas and flavours of the marinade and the banana leaf, as it is gently steamed.This fish dish is to die for. It is moist, full of flavour and melts in the mouth.

  11. Malabar Duck Roast

  12. Malabar Duck Roast

    You can expect to find duck on the menu of almost every restaurant, in Kerala, just the way you are sure to find fish and rice. Duck is a staple delicacy, of this region.
    The aromas emitting from a bowl of Malabar duck roast are drool-worthy. The spices and the vinegar blend so well with duck meat. The meat is juicy and tender and full of flavour.

  13. Malabar Biriyani

  14. malabar-biriyani

    Malabar Biryani is delicious, just as a biryani is supposed to be. It is full of fresh spices but is not overly spicy. A special variety of rice, called Kaima rice, is used in this traditional biryani. It is thin, short-grained rice, that cooks to perfection and is absolutely delicious. The rice and the meat, blend their flavours, to create food magic! Malabar biryani is also called Thalassery Biryani.

  15. Chattipathiri

  16. Chattipathiri

    This dish is an Indian version of the Italian lasagne. The Chattipathiri is a Wayanad special snacks on Ramzan – it is usually served during Iftar when Muslims break their fast. The interesting dish is prepared by layering thin crepes, dipped in a mix of egg and milk, into a mould. Each crepe is layered with a filling.
    You get savoury and sweet variations of the dish – the savoury Chattipathiri is layered with meat, chicken and egg, while the sweet version has mashed bananas and grated coconut as the main filling.

  17. Chemmeen Pathiri

  18. Chemmeen pathiri

    This is another iftar special, unique to this region. Chemmeen Pathiri is like a puff pastry, but it is steamed instead of being baked. Chemmen (prawns) are cooked separately and spread between two layers of rice pancakes, and then steamed in banana leaves.

  19. Puttu & Beef Fry

puttu & beef fry

Another great combination that you are sure to relish. Beef fry or Beef Olathiyathu is scrumptious, by itself, but its yummy quotient doubles when it is eaten with puttu. Puttu is typically served at breakfast, and tastes best with beef fry. Puttu is a steamed dish, made by layering rice powder and coconut, in a special kitchen vessel. What you get is a cylindrical cake of steamed rice and coconut.

Forget the calories and get ready to relish the favourite Wayanad food items

If you are planning a visit to Wayanad, you should not miss the exotic cuisines of Wayanad. You can find an affordable stay almost everywhere. Resorts in Wayanad offers some of the best food and accommodation facilities.

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