Is it Essential to Know Swimming for Scuba Diving?

Is it mandatory to know swimming for scuba diving? It's not mandatory to know how to swim to scuba dive. Read the following article to know more about it.

Scuba Diving doesn't require a person to know how to swim. It can be done by anyone. In fact, it is one of the safest water sports that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The divers wear the oxygen cylinders on their backs and dive in shallow waters. They have an expert and certified diver as their guide. The expert divers scoot the tourists in the water. This means that they don't have to swim. They can come back to the surface in just a few seconds. Further, the divers have a permanent oxygen supply. They can breathe naturally via their mouth. Hence making it a safe water sport. However, of all the popular myths about the scuba, the biggest one is that one needs to know how to swim, for it. Let us learn about this myth in this post.

Swimming and Scuba:

Swimming requires you to manage your breaths. You have to move across the water at a fast pace. You have to move your legs and hands to move in the waters and stay afloat. However, scuba is a different thing. You don't have to swim. You have to go deep down into the waters. You can even walk on the seafloor. You can stay; you can walk and you can move as well. You breathe with the help of an oxygen cylinder. Further, during scuba diving, you have a guide. The recreational divers don't spend much time under the water as well. They are wearing masks at all times. The guides help them at all times and also bring them to the surface.

The guides have been trained in dealing with tragic sequences or unprecedented events underwater in the best manner. Hence, swimming and scuba are two different things that are completely different from each other.

While scuba diving, the divers simply scoot at a shallow depth. The distance covered by them is also very less. As an oxygen cylinder is there for breathing at all times, the divers don't have to hold their breath. They can easily breathe. This is why knowing swimming is not necessary for scuba diving.

In swimming, proper breath management is very essential. This is why not everyone can swim. However, in scuba diving, no breath management is required. You can breathe easily as much as you want as you do on the land. This is why even children can enjoy scuba diving and witness the underwater world.

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Scuba diving in Kerala cost:

Kerala is one of the most famous hotspots for scuba diving in India. Every year, millions of tourists visit Kerala to explore the amazing corals and marine flora and fauna of the region. If you are also planning to travel to Kerala, then you might need to know the cost for Scuba diving in Kerala

The cost of Scuba diving in Kerala is nominal and the water activity is highly affordable. Every person can enjoy the adventure starting from INR 1500. However, the scuba gear and level of recreation vary a lot with the price. Therefore, you should always focus on quality and pick the best scuba diving agent for the experience of a lifetime. Bond Safari Kovalam is the best ever centre that you can choose for scuba diving. They offer packages from INR 4500 and offer all the following:

  • Briefing about the Scuba Diving and Underwater Signals

  • Training in Confined Water

  • Scuba Diving in the open waters (Arabian Sea)

  • Equipment, Scuba Gear and Costumes etc.

  • The personalized shooting of videos and images while scuba diving

  • All the scuba diving guides at Bond Safari Kovalam are certified PADI divers. Most of them are familiar with many international water bodies and have explored the deep waters around the globe. This is why it is the best Scuba diving centre in Kerala.

    Bond Safari Kovalam – What makes it the best Scuba diving centre in Kerala?

  • All the services are simply confirming to the international standards of diving

  • The gear and equipment are of top-notch quality and is neat and clean.

  • All the mouth gear is properly cleaned and sanitized after each use.

  • The divers are from various parts of the globe as well. Hence, it is a community of expert divers of different calibres.

  • Your diving experience is informative as well as recreational. Hence, you actually get to know stuff and learn as well (if you want).

  • Bond Safari Kovalam has conducted various high-level events and conferences underwater. It has also organized corporate recreational events. This is why its reputation and credibility is impeccable.

  • Pick the best Scuba diving centre in Kerala and make the most of your time in Kerala.
    Happy Diving!!!



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