Why Everyone Should Trek the Himalayas At least Once in their Life?

There are numerous reasons why people go on a trek to the Himalayas. The article is purely based on experience and it says the enthralling Himalayan journey will take you on a trip of your lifetime.

Himalayas are the place where I went to and fell in love with not only the act of trekking but also mountains. Before going to the Himalayas, I had many luxurious experiences in my life ranging from helicopter rides, five-star hotels in Dubai, cruises to Alaska, skydiving experiences in New Zealand and a few rafting expeditions in different countries. However, I would still count all those experiences as luxury experiences. My expedition to the Himalayas was my first ever interaction with something that is raw and stunning. My first ever trek was to Roopkund in Uttarakhand and it completely blew my mind away.

Challenging Himalayan Experiences

On the mountain, every resource you have is a scarcity since there are no shops on the mountains where you can buy resources from. Let alone shops, there are barely any human settlements on mountains. Hence, I truly learned more about resource management on the mountain. Though I am an Economics student, I had grown into the practice of taking resources for granted. Realizing that even important things like water were scarce on the mountain changed my mind and made me a more responsible consumer.

Climbing a mountain is very different from simply going atop the mountain by helicopter. A helicopter will give you the view all at once without making you realize that the view is precious. Helicopter rides can be done many times because they require a helicopter, a good pilot, and the absence of fear of heights or flying. Climbing on the mountain and going through the thick thickets where you cannot see anything but long, green trees and clouds high up in the sky for long hours, makes you value precious views which open spaces offer to you. Walking up the mountain and getting tired, but never losing hope to reach the next base camp also gives you the will to appreciate every little gift that comes your way. While someone from the helicopter feels like the view exists in the world, a trekker feels like a view is a gift to them from God.

On treks, you can actually see and understand the true nature of people. There are limited resources on mountains and even a glass of water can mean fatigue or energy until the next base camp. It is very difficult to be charitable on the mountains because you have carried heavy resources on your shoulders in the backpack and you don't want to easily give them away. While trekking, you realize that people are much nicer than you thought that they are in the city. Everyone is helpful. When I went trekking, I had people give me their windcheaters though it was thundering because I had forgotten mine in the tent. I also had fellow trekkers holding my hand in the roughest areas of the trek because they were afraid that I was inexperienced and would hurt myself. Going on treks has therefore humbled me and has made me realize that treks are experiences which make you see the real nature of people which is hidden in all the crowd in the city.

There are many people in India who travel across foreign countries with the view that there isn't much to see in India. Trekking to the Himalayas changes your perception of travelling in India forever and it makes you realize that India is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Trekking also makes you realize that Indians are really lucky to have the Himalayas so close to them. People generally think of Himalayas as a place which is only present in their Geography textbooks and they find it very difficult to picture it. However, trekking in the Himalayas in the beauty which is amidst you constantly helps you to realize that the Himalayas are more real than ever. The Himalayas have a faintly unreal and surreal quality to them. The Himalayas are not just a place, the Himalayas are an experience.

Living alone in the mountains teaches you a lot of things. Sometimes, you are confined to living in the space of your own mind and this helps you to declutter the things which you don't really love and need out of your life. Sleeping in sleeping bags at night when the temperature is dropping in the negatives is a beautiful feeling as it makes you feel raw. There is nothing better than sipping a cup of hot tea while you watch the stars descend. Using a torch at night, just to reach your tent from a tree can be one of the hardest tasks which you would have ever done in your life and still one of the most unglorified acts which barely anyone will ever know about.

Trekking to the Himalayas, makes you realize that you are special, still strangely much like every other human being who is equally scared to fall off the mountain and die. And you also realize that you have the capacity to be very humble and help other people when they need you. The Himalayas make you more responsible.

Author - Vidhi Bubna
Author Bio: Vidhi is a content writer at Caleidoscope.in An Indian Cultural Directory dedicated to Indian Art and Culture. She believes that writing holds immense power as it can spread awareness among people and she loves the beauty of language. She loves to travel and explore different cultures and traditions.


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