Top 7 Jobs for Scuba Divers

Are you a professional scuba diver? Want to know the job opportunities in scuba diving?. Here are some of the top job options for scuba divers to help you pursue diving as a full-time career.

underwater diving in kerala
Scuba diving is an excellent water sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is also the best way to explore the magical underwater world. The shoals of fish swimming past; marine wildlife playing peek-a-boo with the plants; corals; walking on the sea bed and letting your nerves get soothed in the tranquil waters – the list of pros of scuba is surely impressive.

In India, Kerala is one of the best and most famous places to enjoy scuba diving. You can also learn scuba diving in Kerala at some reputed Scuba diving centres. Bond Safari in Kovalam is one of the best places to do so. It offers a number of courses and certifications in Scuba Diving for people of all ages. You can learn from and with people from all over the globe. Well, if you love scuba diving to the extent of making a career out of it, then it is the best Scuba diving centre in Kerala to start your journey.

As a professional scuba diver, you have many amazing job prospects before you. The following post has been written keeping the same in mind. We have compiled a list of the top seven jobs that you take as a scuba diver. So, check them all out and choose the one that suits your preferences the best.
So, here we go!

  1. Dive Instructor

  2. The dive instructors and guides are employed by all the agencies. If you excel at the craft, you can also get employed at the centre you got trained. The dive instructors have to assist and guide the tourists or novices during diving. They have to assure their safety and act instantly to counteract in risky situations. The dive instructors are also trained in special courses for crisis and safety management under the water. As a dive guide or instructor, you can take jobs anywhere around the world if you are PADI certified
    So, you can travel and explore the world and earn side by side.

  3. Boat Captain

  4. Nothing can be more entertaining and rewarding than the job of a boat captain f you are a professional diver. You can obtain the license of a boat captain and venture into the fascinating scuba diving locations that are accessible only by means of a boat. You can also join hands with some Scuba diving centres and offer tours and diving in association with the centre.

  5. Underwater Photographer and Videographer

  6. This is yet another career option that you can choose as a scuba diver. Underwater Photographers and Videographers are in high demand these days with people opting for photography sessions under the water. There are many tourist places where people enjoy scuba diving for the first time and keep the memories intact with underwater photographs and videos.

    You can also join some courses and become a wedding photographer. Many people are going for an underwater wedding photoshoots these days.

    Or, you can also undergo special training for professional marine photography. These photographers are employed by magazines, channels and agencies in the domain. So, the opportunities are really lucrative in the field.

  7. Golf Ball Diver

  8. The golf ball divers collect the balls from the pools on the golf courses. Many clean and resell the balls after collection. Many golf ball divers are employed by reputed golf courses and golf clubs to keep their pools free of balls. The job earns you really well, and you can make amazing money if you are employed at some high-end club.

  9. Marine Archaeologists

  10. Professional scuba divers can study further to become assistants or professional marine archaeologists. They explore the life under the waters in some remote locations and help marine biologists and archaeologists to learn more about the life and history of marine creatures. This is a very wide and diverse field that you can join and stay in for your whole life.

  11. Freelance Diver

  12. If you are a PADI-certified diver, you can undertake the small courses offered at some reputed Scuba diving centres in Kerala and offer your services as a freelancer. You can assist people in doing anything in your skillset that they require. From entertainment to learning and from water excursions to assist in research and analysis – there is no limit and bounds to freelance divers, and they can enjoy their life without any stress.

  13. Dive agency owner

Another amazing way to make a profession out of your passion for scuba diving is to open a diving agency or shop. You can sell the diving gear and put the expensive equipment on rent. You can also go for obtaining the certification power and train people under you. You can also keep on adding things, features and staff to your setup and launch a full-fledged Scuba diving centre. The returns are endless and depend on your capability to add dimensions and attractions to your business setup. So, if you are capable, you can make decent money and even build wealth (or business) to be used by generations ahead!

These are some of the best jobs that you can choose from as a professional PADI-certified scuba diver. We hope that you find this post helpful in taking the right decision for your career and you can make the right choice as well.

For more information, you can visit or contact the team at Bond Safari Kovalam, which is a leading Scuba diving centre in Kerala and offers world-class services.


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