Top 5 Used Car Providers in Kerala

Are you searching for any used car providers in Kerala? This article comprises the list of top 5 used car dealers in Kerala

Gone are the days when the car was a luxury affordable by just a handful. Today, the car is an item of utility for nearly everyone; for families with kids – a basic necessity even. And the good news is that owning one isn't unimaginable anymore!

If getting a first-hand model seems slightly out of budget at the moment, you don't need to postpone or put off the idea completely. There's always another way out in the form of buying a second-hand or used car from top used car providers in Kerala

Now, the term "second-hand" may raise some eyebrows initially. Contrary to popular belief, used cars are flooding the market nonetheless. And, there are logical reasons for the same.

Why Should You Buy a Used Car?

We've compiled the 5 best reasons why you would want to buy used cars in Kerala:

1. Cars always depreciate in value – Isn't that right? Barring a few high-end models, new cars can never work as a great investment option. Most of them lose their market value by at least 50% in the first 3 years after their purchase. Then why spend a lump sum on buying a new one when there's no ROI?

2. A better model for the same price – Thanks to the law of depreciation, you might be lucky to find a higher model in your budget in the used car market. If you were to look for a new car with the same budget, you might be able to settle in only for the basic or entry-level model. But with luxury cars depreciating in value soon after, chances are ripe that you could reap the joys of more in lesser price.

3. Low on registration fee – You'd need to shell out less money to register an older car. A number of states vary the fee depending on how old the car is, its weight, and power. The older the car, the lesser you might have to pay on its registration.

4. Lower insurance costs too – Car insurance companies generally determine their insurance rates on your car based on its value. And since it depreciates, a used car would have lesser market value than a newer model. This means lower insurance cost as well.

5. Drive free – Imagine how tense you'd be driving a brand-new model on the road, worrying all the time about getting that first dent or scratch on your beauty? With a used car, you can give your mind a rest. What's more, you can even take your used car for long trips immediately after purchase, unlike a new one where you're required to wait until the first service.

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Top 5 Used Car Providers in Kerala

If you're really keen on buying a used car, based on the above factors, we can help give a few suggestions for the best used car dealers in the state.

  1. Indus Used Cars

  2. One of the most popular dealers in Kerala, it boasts of covering the largest Maruti service network in the region. The dealer also has a commendable track record in used car sales, with the number crossing 10,000 in the last financial year alone. The provider deals in both Maruti and non-Maruti used cars service, offering the best in quality at the most affordable price. Besides, it also assists customers in availing finance options through its collaborations with several renowned banks and financial institutions.

  3. Car Dekho

  4. The company has made a name for being the topmost car search venture in India. Here you'll find tons of expert reviews, detailed specifications, price comparisons, along with images and videos of all leading brands and models. The company has expanded its reach to Southeast Asia and also has presence in the UAE. It has now even entered the car insurance market.

  5. CarWale

  6. Bringing car owners and buyers together on a common platform, CarWale facilitates buying and selling of used cars in Kerala. Here buyers and sellers can get together and discuss their requirements while being able to avail help from extensive research data. In 2005, CarWale was the first website in India that provided an online marketplace to buyers and owners by putting together used car inventory across dealers.

  7. CarTrade

  8. Established in 2010, the company has made some remarkable achievement reaching a 4-million consumer base almost every month. It currently boasts of a strong network of over 4000 car dealers across the country. Its consumer portal provides a great meeting point for customers to transact in both new and used cars.

  9. Popular Vehicles and Services
    One of the most popular used car providers in Kerala, just like its name, the company is the third-largest dealership for Maruti Suzuki in India. It is also Maruti's first dealer in Kerala, running operations here since 1984. Renowned for its customer-centric approach, the company has launched virtual reality allowing customers to explore cars of their choice from home, while also providing 24/7 customer relationship centres.

In light of the depreciating value of new cars and also the fact that cars these days last longer in performance, it only makes sense to enjoy your ride in a used car by paying much lesser.

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