Is it possible to do scuba diving with the glasses or contact lenses

Can people with poor eyesight scuba dive? if yes, Is it possible to do scuba diving with the glasses or contact lenses? Read the blog to know more about the scuba diving with poor eyesight

Underwater Scuba diving

Does scuba diving top your bucket list? Do your lenses or glasses stop you from ticking off your wish? Well, not anymore. If you are using any corrective lenses there are plenty of options for you that will aid you to dive deep into the sea.

Scuba diving is not one of those extreme activities for which perfect vision is required. So, you need not worry about not having perfect eyesight. There are a wide variety of options that would help you immerse in the beauty and magic of underwater, and your poor eyesight will not be a hurdle in your way.

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Factors affecting proper vision

Depending upon the intensity of your dive, you may have slightly blurry visions of the objects in a distance, no matter how strong your eyesight is. Suspended particles like sand, clay or mud may affect your visibility. The area where fresh rainwater mixes with the saltwater of the ocean close to its surface can also provide blurred vision. Another not-so-complex situation you may face might be a change in temperature. It gets colder as you dive deeper. Differences between the temperatures of two water layers may produce oily visions but only in that small region from where you can quickly dive off.

Up for an interesting fact?

For those of you who wear everyday glasses or lenses, a piece of good news is coming your way. Water has magnifying properties that can correct your problems related to eyesight. Underwater objects appear larger and a bit closer than they actually are. So, if you are in a complicated relationship with your eyesight, the natural magnifying properties of water can ward off all your troubles and correct your vision so much so that it does not create a problem.

Let's glance through the options

  • Prescription masks

  • While dreaming about a nice and blissful scuba diving in places like Kovalam and you are bogged down by poor eyesight, we have a solution for you. Use diving masks with prescriptive lenses. But in most cases, you will have to pre-order the mask before you set off on your journey. You will get the mask that has your exact visual acuity so that you will not face any obstacles while you are relishing a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make sure you have another prescription mask as well since they are not easily available. Even though you cannot wear eyeglasses underwater, you can always opt for masks with prescription lenses. Centres for scuba diving will provide prescription glasses for rent. So, you need not worry about where to get these glasses.

  • Contact lenses

  • You can wear contact lenses while diving but you should be careful in case your masks will be flooded. If it does occur, always remember to keep your eyes closed. Always prefer soft contact lenses since it allows the transfer of gas from the eyes. If you are not a frequent user of contact lenses, then using soft contacts will be more comfortable for you. The biggest advantage of using a soft contact lens is that it is easy to handle before and after you dive. A risk that you might encounter in using contacts is that of infection. Using daily disposable contact lenses is preferable in such situations since it reduces the risk of coming into contact with the microbes.

  • Bifocals

A bifocal dive or snorkel mask is also a good option if your eyesight disturbs you. Bifocal dive is one of the best options that enable you to relish the magical world at the heart of the deep blue sea. You will have a clear sight with which you will see the gems, sea animals and anything that is present in underwater. Bifocals will let you relish all the details of the deep sea just like any other person with clear eyesight. Also, magnifying lenses are available in masks used for scuba diving. You can actually create a bifocal scuba mask by placing these tiny lenses in the lower portion of the mask lens. How cool is that!

Diving after eye surgery

You can explore the underwater world, even after completing eye surgery. But in order to enjoy your experience underwater, you need to take care of certain things. In the case of laser surgery, you won't have to wait much longer, or if it was a complicated procedure, then the underwater world will have to wait a little bit longer to welcome you. Take enough time to let your eyes heal completely. In such a situation, always go for a check-up with your doctor before you set your feet on the water. The magical experience underwater is worth the wait.

Let go of all your inhibitions, and kick off to embrace your dreams. Because nothing in this world should stop you from being happy. Poor eyesight or not, the deep blue sea is waiting for your arrival.


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