30 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam

30 places to visit in Vietnam during your vacation to enjoy its natural beauty and unique heritage.

Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia, admired for its natural beauty and endowed by millions of travelers for its unique heritage. This energetic city has some wondrous marvels that are sure to keep you hooked and steeped in its vibrant culture. Visiit.com has shared tantalizing list of places to visit in Vietnam will spur you into checking out the beautiful landscape of this place.

30 Best Places To Visit in Vietnam

1. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi

The Mausoleum is commonly visited by the people so they can offer their respects to Ho Chi Minh whose body is being preserved here. It is a high-security place protected by Military Honour Guards. Silence must be maintained, dress code must be followed and more importantly you are not allowed to smoke, drink or eat.

2. Temple of Literature, Hanoi

One of the best temples of Vietnam- the layout of this place is similar to the birthplace of the scholar Confucius; it also hosts the Imperial Academy. Many temples in Vietnam are built in dedication to Confucius. The temple was built almost a millennium ago in 1070 and since has been renovated many times to maintain its structural integrity.

3. West Lake, Hanoi

It is said that the lake was given its shape centuries ago as a result of a battle fought between warriors. This freshwater lake is the biggest one in Hanoi and it sits in the centre of the city. It is a popular place among tourists for its many recreational activities; it provides many entertainment facilities as well as being surrounded by gardens, villas, and hotels.

4. Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi Peninsula

Ideal for a summer vacation, the Doc Let Beach is a pristine destination with spreads of casuarinas and white sands. The gentle sounds of the lapping waves and the alone time with the salt-tinged breeze take you away from the city life for a few precious moments.

5. The Old House of Phun Hong, Hoi An

Recently noted as a World Heritage Site, the old house of Phun Hong represents an older and quainter version of Vietnam; filled with memories and facts of the town's cultural significance. Some of the notable features of the 18th-century homes are the Yin Yang style architecture and the Chinese interiors and furniture.

6. Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

A historically rich, scenic spot the Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the oldest places in the city. The easily spotted softshell turtles present a beautiful sight, elegantly swimming in the shallow depths of the lake. The lake was once known as Luc Thuy, meaning green water, as its water gives off an illusion of being green.

7. Aobaba Cloth Store, Hoi An

A lifelong recollection of the beauty of Vietnam trip, Aobaba is a generation old family business focusing mainly on tailoring clothes. The qualified and specialised tailors here can replicate any garment shown to them, be it a picture or a celebrity dress, for a reasonable price. The quality of the fabric is assured to pass off as any branded one.

8. Quan Kong Temple, Hoi An

The Quan Kong Temple is a standout piece of Chinese Architecture. Built-in 1963 the temple still retains its beauty and charisma. The temple has been named after a Chinese rebel for his loyalty and sincere devotion to his homeland. Built with red bricks, the dragons entwined in clouds at the entrance usher you into a bygone Chinese era.

9. St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

The St. Joseph's Cathedral is a must-visit church in Hanoi. It serves as the Roman Catholic Archdiocese to over a million people in the country. The church was one of the first structures built by the French colony in Indochina in 1886. Since mass is conducted several times a day, you can be a part of it if you visit the church at the right time.

10. Danang Cathedral, Da Nang

Painted a fascinating candy pink color, the Danang Cathedral is an impressive structure. Locally, it is known as the Rooster (Con Ga) church. Stained glass windows adorn the interiors as the church was made in a gothic style of architecture. Bigger and beautiful on the inside, the cathedral is a famous place of daily worship.

11. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi

Built-in the year 1997 the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology showcases the 54 different ethnic groups in Vietnam. The famous architect Ha Duc Linh is credited with the design making of the museum as he himself was a member of one of the various ethnic groups in Vietnam. It is a collective location to learn about the ethnic culture of Vietnam.

12. Handicraft Workshop, Hoi An

In this 200-year-old Chinese business workshop typical handmade products and handicrafts are part of the main trade. It is a colorful museum that represents the cultural characteristics, eccentric and aesthetical architectural works and also many culinary traits of the region. Classic souvenirs include bamboo products, woven fabric, art lanterns, etc.

13. Hon Chong Beach, Nha Trang

The beach is a well-known spot of scenic beauty with a traditional run residence and a great cafe along its shoreline. It acts as an attraction not only to the visitors but also as a daily lure to the locals who have pleasant memories of spending their vacation times at this rocking spot. The Rock Hon Chong is a set of two rocks.

14. Con Son Island, Con Dao Archipelago

Con Son is the largest of the 15 islands in the Archipelago boasting of history, mythology, beaches, forests and mountains along with a town of crumbling French colonial villas on the seafront. One can swim in the clear waters, walk along the sandy beaches or visit the prisons and witness the remains of forced labor, a past set up by the French colonial administration.

15. Saigon Opera House, Ho Chi Minh

An elegant looking colonial building, the Saigon Opera House stages operas along with performing arts like Vietnamese dance and plays, musical concerts and ballets. Advertisements are announced around the building and further information is available in the tourist information center nearby.

16. Chu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh

The Chu Chi tunnels served as a way of life for Vietnamese soldiers back in 1948. Now part of a war museum in Ho Chi Minh, the underground tunnels are equipped with storage facilities, armory, command centres, kitchens and more. They now serve as one of the most iconic attractions in Ho Chi Minh.

17. Forest Ghost Inn, Da Lat

A purple retreat in a remote area of the land; this perfectly sums up the Forest Ghost Inn. The Inn lies in a peaceful and beautiful setting overlooking a river. The landscape is still pristine, untouched and fresh. The interiors are carved from the unpolished pine trees creating a natural atmosphere and lending certain coziness all around.

18. Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh

Any craving for authentic culinary Vietnamese atmosphere is sure to be satiated here in one of Saigon's oldest landmarks, the Ben Thanh market. An ideal place to buy Vietnamese art, branded products or other souvenirs, one can also experience the hawker-style Vietnamese cuisine by capturing the air filled with the smells of barbecued fish and meat and wok-fried noodles.

19. Vinahouse Craft Village, Hoi An

A bow-shaped panorama, the Vinahouse craft village complex comprises of 18 ancient houses and 15 architectural constructions. Various exhibits like a fine arts area, a traditional craft village and a tea ceremony among many others are on display here.

20. Ba Ho Waterfalls Cliff Jumping

An out of the way treasure, the Ba Ho waterfalls have 3 levels and swimming pools beneath each level. The idyllic waterfalls are definitely the main attraction but getting there is half the adventure. Motorbiking, cliff climbing and making some local friends along the way is definitely worth the trip.

21. Black Rock Beach, Da Nang

The Beach owes its name to its natural landscape; numerous black rocks stacked up or lying alternately to each other. There are many beautiful artificial lakes created in between the rocky spaces. The Black Rock is abounding with mild waves perfect for swimming and golden sandy beaches in the blue waters.

22. Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

The tradition of water puppetry is unique to North Vietnam. The puppetry performance in the theatre is accompanied by a Vietnamese orchestra playing traditional music. It also includes authentic operatic songs that tell the story acted out by the puppets.

23. Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

Built-in a peaceful garden setting, the Basilica stands 60m high, with a brick-red facade, stained glass windows, and two bell towers. Apart from being one of the most prominent attractions, it also serves as a daily place of worship for the local people.

24. Hot Mineral Spring, Nha Trang

Set against a mountain backdrop, the Thap Ba Hot Springs Centre is a temporary getaway from the hectic city life. Services like the sauna, private and shared mud-baths, herbal baths, Jacuzzi, etc., are offered here.

25. Marble Mountains, Da Nang

Said to be born from a myth, the Marble Mountains are one of the most frequented climbs in Da Nang. The various places to explore in the Marble Mountains are the My Khe Beach, mount Kim Son, the Riverview Tower, Van Nguyt Grotto, the Lantern Cave and the Am Phu Cave.

26. Red River Cruise, Hanoi

The Red River is an important transportation route even to this day in Hanoi. Riding in a small boat, visitors will be introduced to the charming landscapes, the beauty of the ancient temples and the Bat Trang pottery village among various other destinations.

27. Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum, Hoi An

A photography-based exhibition, the gallery exhibits portraits of individuals belonging to some of Vietnam's many tribes and ethnic communities. Each tribe has its own distinct cultural beliefs and rituals.

28. Asia Park and Sun Wheel, Da Nang

The Asia Park is a recently opened amusement park where the Sun Wheel marks the entrance. There are plenty of fun rides along with small shops and restaurants. The Monorail goes around the park giving you stunning views of the surroundings.

29. Crazy House Guesthouse, Da Lat

An imaginative work in progress, the Crazy House is designed to act as a bridge between humans and the natural environment. From unique architectural features to delightfully lush gardens, this project aims to be a fantastically outlandish one.

30. The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Hanoi

An intriguing relic of the history of Vietnam, many artifacts dating to the period of 6th and 20th centuries were excavated, revealing ancient ponds and wells as well as ruins of old palaces. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to its cultural and historical significance.

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