Myths About Solo Trip That No One is Talking About

More and more people are going on solo trips these days. Here are a few myths about solo trips that no one is talking about

The other day, in my town, I attended a travel meetup. A lot of travel enthusiasts came in that little meet and everyone was bloating about the fancying a solo trip had brought in their life.

Now, before you get me wrong, let me tell you very frankly that I too love solo travel. It gives you that liberating feeling right?

And you must be thinking what point I'm trying to make here. I just mean, in this noisy world, the word, a solo trip is coming out to be very distorted to our ears because of a lot of hisses and umm.

But honestly, solo travel is just a way to connect with yourself.

There! I said it.

Solo trip

What the fuss is about?

Look, it's not any new invention but people go crazy over it on social media and start coating up the real meaning of a solo trip. Well, on the contrary, it is a little life hack if you're going through a thorny road.

So I'm here to bust a few myths & hopefully will be able to explain to you what the heck solo travel really is!

Let's start.

It's not safe out there

Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to Indians. And you'll always find people discouraging you with excuses like a solo trip isn't safe in India. It's dangerous out there. Well, I agree with you 'people.'

But it's not safe either on the road we commute daily, right? Jokes apart…

The reality is actually quite the opposite. It's safe out there. People are generally good and mean no harm.

Moreover, with the kind of technology we've now, how on earth can we think that it's not safe. With just a single click on your phone, you've all the knowledge you need. Facebook groups like this offer a real value in the travel sector.

You don't need bumping into odd places when you can have all the information you want, that too from communities who breathe travel. We're living in the golden era!

Moral? The world is a safe place to be unless you've information and guts put right in your pocket.

You'll feel lonely

"Oh My God! Did you say lonely?"

Calm down, folks. It's not what you think! The whole point of the solo trip is to be in solitude.

And the reason why this myth is still surviving because we're confused between the meaning of two English words viz, loneliness and solitude.

Look at the pic below…

Loneliness meaning

It's very clear that these two mean different things. When you travel solo, the goal is to connect more with yourself and nature as we know it.

Moral? You don't get sad & lonely when you travel solo. But even if for some reason it happens, we have the technology to save us. Kudos to Graham Bell.

Solo trips are costly

In a few ways, it might be. But in more than a few ways, it's not.

Just think, you're out there and no one's with you to keep bothering you about the food. Do you want to go to Dhaba? Yes, you can ditch the overpriced cafes. Do you want to sit by the river? Yes, you can ditch the party in the house.

You get my point, right?

Solo trips can be way cheaper. You have the ability to control, cut or extend your prices. You're not under any what I call "social pressure cooker."

And moreover, you also learn that money can't buy everything, sometimes some things are just priceless.

No one will be there to click your pictures

This myth gets me laughing every time people say to me.

Look, I understand how important is to have that moment captured and I too have a travel gallery on Instagram (@misfit.wanderers if you wanna follow!). But the truth is…

Chances are there'll be someone around you to click that perfect picture of you. And if by any chance, you're all by yourself, it's time to use the 'timer' feature of your camera and make those weird facial expressions (no one's watching, lol). A plus if you're a selfie queen or king.

Solo travel

So, don't hold yourself back. A solo trip is all about finding and connecting with the inner child in you. And as a child does, leave all your worries.

It's not for women

I'm sorry to say this but there are people who still argue on this as if a solo trip is a life-threatening event.

It's definitely for women. If she can conquer space, rack up mighty Mount Everest, be a successful businesswoman & writer, why does she can't go on a solo trip?

This is rather a clarification than merely a myth. A solo trip is for everyone who believes in the Sanskrit quote 'वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्' meaning the world is one family.

So, should you go for one?

Absolutely yes, if you believe that goodness exists in this world. When I went for my first solo trip I was scared like a sheep, but I did it anyway. As funny as it may sound, but I used to ramp up Pinterest with solo travel quotes to keep me inspired for it.
Don't hold yourself back from one of the best experiences life has to offer. Go live it buddy :) And should you have any comments regarding, feel free to blast the comment box.

A guest post by VivaciousVipin


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