Anti-Fog Tips to Stop Your Scuba Mask from Fogging

New and used scuba diving masks and snorkeling masks must be treated in different ways to prevent them from fogging. Here are some tips to prevent the scuba/snorkel mask from fogging. Read the blog to know more.

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Planning a vacation is one thing but signing up for these water sports quite another. One of the most adventurous and all-time favourite water sports of travellers is snorkelling. In snorkelling, one dives underwater and carrying a diving mask and a breathing tube.
But these types of equipment are not so easy to handle. For example, you can consider a diving mask or scuba mask as it is popularly known. Your scuba mask is prone to fogging and may cloud your vision while scuba diving or snorkelling. You would surely not want to hamper your diving experience by wearing a fogged scuba mask. So what is the way out?
Today, divers rely on different techniques and recipes to prevent scuba mask from fogging. But what if you do not have enough experience? You can always choose to spit in on your scuba masks and clear the fog.
But not every individual favours spitting in on the dive mask to prevent it from fogging. Some find the entire act simply unhygienic and would rather go for alternatives. If you are someone, who looks down upon the idea of spitting in on the scuba mask and considers it uncivilized, you should go for following substitutes that are just as good and effective.
These substitutes are mentioned as follows:


If you thought toothpaste has limited use of helping you brush and clean your teeth, you are misleading yourself. Toothpaste is a must if you want to avoid spitting in on your diving mask. It is a wonderful cleaning agent that will make your scuba mask squeaky clean. It leaves a pleasing smell which is a bonus. Toothpaste contains tiny silicone particles along with mild abrasive that makes it easier to clean new scuba masks. A lot of people use toothpaste and so can you.


Well, seems like the list contains a few things that can be easily found in one's bathroom cabinet. Who would have thought shampoo could be so useful for defogging the scuba mask! If you hadn't known about this, well it's time you give it a shot. Many experienced divers recommend people to use baby shampoo in general. It's because they are 'no tears' shampoo and won't cause any irritation in your eyes if water enters the mask. Same as toothpaste, they will leave a wonderful smell once you are done rubbing them on the mask.

Commercial defogging agents

Commercial defogging agents are designed to coat the lens of the mask. Most of the divers prefer using these agents than spitting in on their scuba masks. Wondering how to use these products. It's no rocket science. Take a few drops of the liquid, put it on the mask and rub it gently on the mask using your finger. Once you are done rubbing it around, wash it under tap water. Don't forget that you have to leave a thin layer of this liquid inside the mask, so avoid cleaning the mask in its entirety.


If you are packing your bags for the vacation, it might be a wise choice to carry a few potatoes. You can use them to prevent your mask from fogging. Shred the potato into small pieces. Choose a piece and rub it on the mask. Once you are done, rinse it under fresh water and you will be good to go. A lot of people find this substitute convenient. So, next time you pack your bags for beach resorts, don't forget to carry a knife and a few potatoes.

Glycerin Soaps and Dishwashing detergents

If you don't wish to purchase baby shampoo specifically for cleaning your mask, you can go for either glycerin soaps or dishwashing detergents. These products are simple to use. You just need to pour a few drops inside the mask, rub them with a finger and wash it under fresh water. But there is one problem you may face after using these products. If by any chance your mask leaks, the water entering the mask will carry the used defogging agent inside your eyes. It will irritate and may turn your eyes red. So use them with caution. Don't forget to avoid non-biodegradable products for defogging the mask.
You should avoid foggy masks at all costs. A foggy mask is bound to spoil your diving experience and leave you full of regrets by the end of the day. They will impede the communication between a group of divers and may leave you clueless while you are underwater. Not only that but these foggy masks may prove dangerous as they are bound to cloud your vision. So to remain on the safe side, do not forget to use the aforementioned products for defogging the mask.
Now, that you have learnt the anti-fog tips to stop your scuba mask from fogging, what's stopping you from trying water sports in Kovalam! Book your tickets now and experience the thrill that's awaiting you!


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