What is RLWL in PNR status?

In this blog post discusses about RLWL in PNR Status that is very important thing while planning your journey via Indian Railways. In this post, i mentioned all about Remote Location Waiting List or popularly known as RLWL.

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IRCTC is an auxiliary of the Indian Railways. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Co- operation helps the passenger in checking, reserving or confirming ticket online. It can be done through their official website or through the IRCTC application. The tickets have certain status on them; they are either confirmed or will be either RLWL or WL.

Getting a confirmed ticket in Indian Railways is difficult more so during the vacationing period. You must have encountered waiting lists at least once in your life. Even the waiting list tickets are categorized into RLWL and a PQWL. Tickets are issued to passengers depending on the circumstances under these waiting lists. If the status of the ticket is marked as WL then it means that the ticket is waitlisted. It will only get confirmed if any confirmed tickets get cancelled.

What is meant by RLWL in PNR Status?

Remote Location Waiting List or popularly known as RLWL in PNR Status is one of the booking statuses issued for intermediate stations i.e., the stations between the originating station and the terminating one to the passengers. It is issued as there are important towns or cities on that route. Passengers booking tickets to travel between two remote stations, the stations between the starting and the ending point of the route of the train are issued RLWL tickets. Most trains have important stations which are known as remote locations where it stops and let the passenger's board. Each train has some reserved seats booked for these locations. But the numbers of seats are less.

The chances of confirmation of RLWL tickets are very less. First priority is given to General Waiting List. The RLWL tickets are given separate priority. If any confirmed ticket is cancelled from the boarding station then only the RLWL tickets get confirmed. It can be viewed through the chart prepared by the remote station two to three hours before the actual departure of train. The RLWL tickets get automatically cancelled after the release of the chart and the money is refunded in the bank accounts of the passengers.

Passengers who want to board or de- board the train from any major stations which are in the route are issued the RLWL tickets. The number of seats available for RLWL in IRCTC norms differs in different stations and also from one train to another.

You can travel with a RLWL ticket provided that it is not booked online but there is no guarantee of seat.

Difference between RLWL and PQWL:

A RLWL ticket differs from PQWL. PQWL abbreviated for Pooled Quota Waiting List is shared by several small stations and operate normally from the originating station. For the entire route of the train there is only one Pooled Quota. The passengers travelling from the originating station or to the terminating station or between any intermediate stations are allotted Pooled Quota.

While booking any tickets one must know the status of their ticket. So when your ticket is marked as RLWL or PQWL or only WL you must be sure of what that means. If you are not sure of the status of your ticket you might face difficulties while boarding or de- boarding the train or even during the journey. There are also other categories of waiting list ticket which includes Roadside Station Waiting List and Request Waiting List.
You get your ticket confirmed according to the preferences given to them. Once it is confirmed you get to enjoy your seats and can travel peacefully. But if your ticket gets cancelled because of the unavailability of the seats you get the money refunded. While traveling makes sure that your ticket is confirmed to have a comfortable journey.


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