Scuba Diving during Menstruation

Is it safe to scuba dive during menstruation? Will shark attack during menstruation? Read this blog to know more about the scuba diving during menstruation.

Scuba diving during menstrruation

Scuba diving is an adventurous sport, which many want to try at least once. Earlier Scuba diving was popular only in foreign countries. It has become popular in India too. Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep were favourite spots for scuba diving enthusiasts. Scuba diving in Kerala is also possible with the arrival of some professional adventurous sports agencies.

Since our focus is on scuba diving during menstruation instead of scuba diving in Kerala, let's get into the point. So, is that safe to scuba dive during menstruation? What are the effects of periods when you are scuba diving? We will discuss based on the observations of experienced woman scuba divers.

Physical Difficulties during Menstruation

The periods arrive accompanied by physical discomforts, cramps and aches. The difficulties cannot be generalised and will vary from person to person. You may need to understand your physical condition before scuba diving. It is an adventurous sports activity intended for sheer pleasure. It should not turn troublesome for you.

Scuba diving during menstruation can also cause decompression sickness. Studies indicate that periods double the chances of decompression sickness. The reason for the same has not been concluded. You may need to consult the scuba diving coach regarding that before scuba diving.

Blood Loss during Dive

The vaginal opening closes while on dive stopping the blood loss during menstruation. Therefore, the diver need not worry imagining that she will turn the water into a red pool. However, the blood and fluid loss from the body during periods can affect the physical strength of the diver. Scuba diving necessitates physical strength, even though it doesn't appear so. And the diver must have the energy and strength to sustain the dive and enjoy it.
You may consume enough juices or health drinks to prevent the body from dehydration. Healthy drinks will also add energy to the body.

Psychological Effect

As we know, everything starts and ends in the brain. If you think you are on periods and it will have a negative effect during scuba dive, it will have. You may avoid thinking too much about the periods and its effects on scuba diving. The more you think the more it will affect you negatively.

Some of you may have certain issues during menstruation, such as forgetting things where you kept them, dropping of objects as you are too preoccupied with thoughts, missing some articles required for the activity etc. You only need to be extra cautious to avoid such situations.

Menstruation should not pose a threat during scuba diving. It is another physical condition peculiar to women and it should not stop you from doing what you love. Just you have to know the implications and take the necessary care accordingly.

Will Shark Attack during Menstruation?

No. At least, the studies do not have any evidence that chances of a shark attack will increase during menstruation. It has been observed that sharks are not much fond of human blood. The chances of shark attack during periods are similar to the same during a normal condition.

In reality, sharks are more attracted to gastric juices of fishes and other oceanic creatures. Therefore, even if your blood leaks out (which does not happen once in water), it will not attract sharks.

The Point to Note

Menstruation should not hamper your joy in any manner. You can enjoy scuba diving without any worry during periods too. However, you may need to take precautions to prevent dehydration, decompression sickness, sprains and cramps. You may avoid scuba diving if your physical ailments as part of menstruation are more than what you can handle. It is also advisable to use menstrual cup during scuba diving. You may choose one that fits you correctly.

Take all the necessary steps as directed by the professional scuba diving expert at the scuba diving centre and enjoy every moment. There are scuba diving centres in Kerala too. Hence, Scuba diving in Kerala is also possible.


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