Come Observe the Machattu Mamangam to be flabbergasted!

This article is all about Machattu Mamangam a temple festival which takes place every year during the month of February. It is famous for its cultural events like Horse effigy, Chenda melam, Elephant walk and so on...

Have you at any point seen a horse effigy (Kuthirakolam)?

Venue: Machattu Thiruvanikavu Temple
Location: Wadakkancherry
District: Thrissur

Kerala is a place that is known for its rich legacy pervaded with conventional celebrations which come each year. These customary celebrations are mainstream to such an extent that individuals from different parts of the world assemble during its observance.

In addition, these celebrations are having a place with each religious group be it Hindu, Muslim or some other religion see with the same respect and enthusiasm. One such celebration celebrated here is Machattu Mamangam. Each February the festival of Machattu Mamangam continues for five days spreading bliss and thriving.

Machattu Mamangam has another name Machad Kuthira Vela, or some referred to as Thiruvanikkavu Kuthira vela. The observance takes place annually in February at the Thiruvanikkavu temple. It is the temple dedicated to God Bhagavathy and Kavil Amma situated within the Thrissur district of Kerala. This fest celebration begins on the first Friday which ends on Tuesday completing five days of the fest.

Furthermore, individuals celebrate this competition as some way to pay feeling to their god for providing them with health and happiness. A grand observance of this competition that saw a colossal audience coming back to induce with fun and live its every moment.

Discussing the past, since it is a religious recognition, so it has a story identified with older times. According to the story, there was a renowned king quite a while ago. He wants to watch a live race of horses during the celebration of respecting divinity. But this could not happen as his place lack horses. Additionally, the locals couldn't domesticate horses here which likewise cleaned out the odds of the chances to fulfil the king's desire. Thus, individuals around the thought of making the horses from wood which they ride and play out a race for their lord. It is the means by which this practice added to this fest.

Individuals from better places either vacationers or fans show up at the Thrissur area of Kerala. Talking about it, the temple region very reachable. To arrive at the specific area, you can either take assistance from rail lines or streets.

Also, this is a religious occasion where a lot of customs were performed. In one more custom, a walk of numerous elephants dressed perfectly by individuals did. This custom went with the customary music of Chenda Malam. This fills the locals with the cheerful mood of the fest.

The principal fascination here is the sound contest between five surrounding towns. These towns namely Viruppakka, Mangalam, Parlikadu, Karumatra, and Manalithara take part in the last day parade of introducing a vigorously designed horse model. The spectator named this representation of effigy of a horse as kuthira kolams in their language which created from wood. They offered it to their goddess in the method of conciliation and appreciation. Each parade is happening on this fest led with music and dance.

Obviously, you will perceive how delightfully beautified the horse dummy and furthermore the elephant walk. Almost certainly, it is one of the lively celebrations of the state in which individuals make a great deal of happiness. Local people and fans wear customary dresses which include white dhoti for guys.

If you ever visit Kerala at any point, ensure you don't pass up a great opportunity, any fun with this fest.

Nearest railway station: Thrissur, about 21 km

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 58 km


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