Best locations for adventure sports in India

Due to the geographical locations and conditions of India, adventurous sports are becoming more and more popular. This resource will show you some of the best locations for different kinds of adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, rappelling, bungee jumping, para gliding, sky diving, jet skiing etc.

Adventure sports in India

India is a land of diversity and has all the seasons to enjoy. Indian geographical diversity makes it feasible to enjoy adventure sports to all its glory during all seasons. We have mountain ranges, rivers, coastal areas and forests where these sports can be really experienced. These sports are adventures and risky too, therefore should be done in care and under the guidance of experts. There are various kinds of adventure sports available in India like trekking, mountaineering, hill climbing, rappelling, river crossing, bungee jumping, river rafting, para-gliding and jet skiing.

Types of Adventure sports

1. Trekking

Trekking is a journey by foot along with the adventure. You can enjoy sightseeing while trekking and also can play several games and activities with the group. It is also done to explore the unknown areas of the natural beauty. Trekking is gaining a lot of attention from the youngsters who are thrilled to go adventurous trips.

Trekking places can be found in all states in India but popular trekking destinations are usually hilly terrains like Shimla, Kasauli and many more.

2. Mountaineering

Mountaineering is a climbing sport where a person can explore the height with the help of various climbing gears. Now a days it can be a hobby, sport and also a profession. There are many different branches of mountaineering like rock-craft, snow-craft and skiing. Many people have earned the name by climbing huge mountain tops. Very common location is Mount Everest where any body would like to climb.

3. Rappelling

It is also done on heights, but the only difference is that person has to descent from the mountain by means of ropes. It is generally done when it is difficult to cross a valley. So mountaineers rappel the hill and then again climb to repeat the activity. There are particular tools required to perform every sport. For rappelling, the main gear is the rope which is very helpful and basic necessity.

4. River crossing

River crossing is also a famous sport available in India. There are many locations where it can be experienced like Kullu, Manali and Rishikesh. Basically it is done when it is difficult to cross the river due to high flow rate. Ropes are tied at both the ends of river and person has to cross via means of pulley.

5. Bungee jumping

Bungee Jumping is a dangerous and adventurous sport too. Here, a person has to jump from various heights along with gravity. The person has to tie a rope on his foot and then jump from the height.

6. River Rafting

River Rafting is a sensational challenging recreational activity that is done on different degrees of flowing water. An inflatable boat is used to perform this sport. High care has to be taken while performing this sport and all the people should be loaded with every aspect of safety while rafting. Very commonplace in India is Rishikesh. It cannot be performed in all seasons, especially in rainy seasons. In each location, the water level may vary according to the season so this is considered a seasonal sport.

Kerala is one of the most exotic tourist locations in India and offer some non-adventurous river rafting options like bamboo rafting. Read more about river rafting options in Kerala.

7. Para Gliding

Para Gliding is a flying sport. It is done by means of the paraglider. If a person is not comfortable doing this all alone, then it can be done with the help of a guide too. Two harnesses are required for performing the dual flying. Solang valley in Manali is very famous for this sport.

8. Jet skiing

This is a water sport and is done with Jetski. Jet Ski is a powered scooter having 100-200 HP. This sport is to enjoy a high-speed ride on the water. Many adventurous tasks can be done but that should be under the guidance of experts like jumping and cornering. Goa is the famous destination to perform this activity.


Due to its vast geographical conditions, adventurous sports are getting famous in India. Many foreign tourists are also coming to perform these activities. These are also the major source of earning for many people.

We must experience these activities atleast once in life.

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A good article posted by the author. Even I am very fond of adventurous activities. I am very sure that this would help adventure loving people to find their need. Moreover, those who have never done this before can try it at affordable prices as many low cost adventure broacher are offered by many companies. Trekking and mountaineering are the activities which doesn't require much experience and training. So, it is good to experience it whenever one get free time from their daily schedule.

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