Precautions To Be Taken While Travelling During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such period when the women have to take utmost care of her health. Though travelling is not forbidden during the pregnancy time because 9 months is a longish period, and sometimes long travelling has to be taken up, but in the initial 3 moths, travelling must be avoided. The chance of miscarriage is the highest during this period. Travelling is strictly prohibited when the pregnancy is high risk. This article suggests you how to travel during pregnancy when it becomes imperative to travel.

Maintaining some precaution as detailed below will prevent miscarriage while travelling during the pregnancy:

Traveling on two or three wheelers during pregnancy

During the initial period of three months of pregnancy, it's better not to ride on two or three wheelers. If it becomes urgent to do so, ask for driving slower on speed breakers or on roughish and groovy pathways. Select flat roads in stead of jagged and bumpy roads. The shocks of three wheelers oftentimes form the reason of miscarriages. Travel with great cautions in these vehicles particularly in the first time pregnancy. Do never travel long distances in these vehicles.

Travelling by car during pregnancy

While travelling in a car, don't tie the belt on the stomach but on the lower portion of the stomach. If you are intending to travel long distances, ask your doctor before undertaking this trip. He would probably not allow you to set out on a long journey during your initial three months state of pregnancy. Even after 3 months of pregnancy, when you travel long distances, take breaks at every 1 hour interval.

Pregnant women should drink enough of water. Keep filtered and purified water with you. Take small pillow to support you to sit in a comfortable posture. Keep your medicines and history chart with you on tour so that you could consult Doctor when needed. Keep some snacks and keep eating it at shorter intervals so that the energy level remains maintained during the period of pregnancy. Wear loose dress and keep shaking your legs in the sitting position so that blood keeps circulating.

Travelling by train during pregnancy

Journeying by train during 36 weeks of pregnancy is completely safe. Do not lift heavy luggage and the lower birth must be reserved. Carry your water and food from home. Don'y take ice. Consume leass of milk and milk products. Even fruits should be consumed after washing with fresh water. Eat fruits of skin peeling varietiessuch as banana, orange, mausami etc.

Air travels during pregnancy

If the pregnancy period is of 32 weeks, Air traveling is prohibited. As for that, rules are different for different Air lines. Book tickets after knowing the rules of the Air Lines. Several of Air Lines do not permit travelling in the last weeks of pregnancy. If the jaunt is in foreign country, many of the countries need, injections/vaccines to be taken. Take such vaccines/injections well in advance of undertaking the journey because the side effects of vaccines such as fever, pain in that area injected would prove to be vexing. Oftentimes, such vaccines could prove to be dangerous too. Therefore, do not undertake journeys of such country during your pregnancy times or take vaccines after asking your doctor as advised by him.

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