What to do when your checked-in luggage is lost during air travel.

Are you ever experienced the agony of checked –in luggage lost during travelling? How to deal with the airline to get your baggage back? This article is written to answer these questions and to provide steps to deal with such such situations. Read the article and follow the tips to get your luggage /compensation.


There are many incidents of luggage lost during air travel and many people get puzzled in such situations. People should not get panic instead be calm and think about next course of action. This article is written to help the people in such situation. When we go on tour, we should carry only essential and not so costly items. If unfortunately, we miss or lost our luggage so there should be minimum loss. Sometimes we have identical bags/trolley bags and are exchanged while collecting back the bags on arrivals. There are some incidents seen that the luggage is not unloaded on the destination and it reaches to next destination or unloaded before the destination. These all situations put the passenger in bad situation. This article will help the reader/ passengers to deal effectively in such situation. Information regarding flight delay/cancellation can be access from the article What to do when your flight is canceled or delayed.

Steps to deal the situation

We should follow the steps to deal the situation such as-
  1. Book your luggage at the counter and have counter file. Counter file has bag tag number. Which can be used to track the luggage.
  2. Take photo of your bag with mobile after check –in and save it for future reference.
  3. Have a list of your items in the bag and approximate value of the luggage.
  4. write your name and phone no. on your bag so that it can be identified from the similar baggage
  5. Put a pad lock on your luggage bag to identify easily while rotating on the belt
  6. If you found that your luggage is missed or lost track it online
  7. Still it is not traceable, file a complaint in the baggage office at the same airport.
  8. Get the claim file and note down file reference number.
  9. The airline will find out your luggage. They will intimate you about it

Track check-in baggage

If your luggage is missed. Trace the luggage by going Visit www.delta.com Fill the name and bag tag number click on Go. You will find the result.

If the baggage is exchanged

While traveling you must keep your visiting card or mobile number written on the bag or stapled with bag so that the other passenger can contact to you in case of exchange. You should also give the complaint to the baggage office regarding this matter. They will help you in getting your original luggage back.

Buy a baggage tracker: You can buy a baggage tracker, fit it to your bag. Install the app in your mobile. Now you can track your luggage.


Be vigilant and take care of your luggage. Take precautions mentioned above in this article and follow the steps to deal the lost luggage. You should follow the steps to deal the situation such as- have counter file. Counter file has bag tag number. Which can be used to track the luggage. Take photo of your bag with mobile after check –in. If you found that your luggage is missed or lost track it. Still not traceable, file a complaint in the baggage office at the same airport. Get the claim file and note down file reference number. More than 97% of the luggage had been traced and handed over to the passengers. If you get your luggage back within 21 days, it is good otherwise claim for compensation. Montréal convention 2003 provides the guidelines for compensation for international flights.

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Guest Author: D. LOGEDH27 Mar 2018

Missing hand luggage happens at times during air travel. Lot of us keep our relatively small pieces of luggage or coats in overhead spaces away from us as our spaces are already full. At such times, we need to remember to collect every item. Once the flight lands, we all are in a hurry to get down. We should take a minute to organize ourselves, check our passports, wallet, phone, and handbags are with us and then move out.

As bags can be mistaken, we need to have a unique tag or a sticker on the backpack or the small trolley case that we can identify quickly. Affixing the airline identification tag with correct legible details is very useful, I've seen people just scribble something because they underestimate the value of the little tag.

In case it's missing, we need to quickly contact the nearest airport staff who can announce and help us in locating it. If not, we need to follow the airline and airport procedures for lodging a complaint before we step out of the airport. Some people hesitate to file for compensation, we should do it in time so that we get what's due to us and familiarise with such procedures that would be useful in the future.

Guest Author: rahul kumar10 Jun 2019

If checked-in baggage does not arrive at its destination, then the passenger must approach the ground staff of the airline that they checked the baggage with. Receive a formal complaint number and follow it up with the airline.

The padlock idea suggested in the article is not practical. Padlocks can get stuck in the baggage carousel. It is best to wrap some colored tape or ribbon on the handle for easy identification.

The link provided in the article (Delta) is for a specific airline. Delta is an American Airline and does not a lost luggage tracker. Travelers must perhaps look for similarly lost luggage trackers on the official website of the airline that they used.

Guest Author: rahul kumar10 Jun 2019

Missing luggage is not common but can happen as many flights have the same timing. In order to be at safe, it is better to have a name, destination & mobile no. on your luggage. You can get it wrapped or do it yourself for the safety of your bag. Keep the boarding pass safely as they have pasted the checked-in luggage tag on that. If you don't find your luggage, do complain about it to the concerned flight ground staff & provide all the details that are required. If they trace your luggage, they will bring & give it to you at your destination or sometimes may ask you to collect it from the airport. You can charge the transportation charge for it.

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