How To Click Amazing Holiday Photographs

Hello friends are you planning to go on a trip or on a vacation? Do you want to know how to make it a memorable one by clicking some amazing pictures? Read out this complete article on how to click the amazing photographs no matter what camera you are using. After research of many photographs of my friends I have tried my best to shot out best pictures in this article.


Before going on a holiday planning is must. A perfect planning will make your trip Perfect
The thing that you are going to ponder over after the holidays is your photographs. It is the proof that you can show to all your loved ones that you went on the holiday. Its rightly said that photographs of happy moments would give you eternal happiness than the material things. So definitely you shouln't miss out the best part of your holidays.
Don't you think if the photos are the best part of the trip then they should be really amazing? To make sure that you don't miss out best of best photographs here are some great poses you can try on a holiday. They will make your photos best.
Share them on social networking sites I bet everyone would be amazed by seeing different kind of poses.

Singles Poses

Zoom your face

Zoom face
Ever thought zooming your face will make photo look wonderful? Here is an example. Try to get a zoomed view of your face with an eternally natural background and it will add "chaar chand (4 moons)" to your face.

Heart pose

Heart Pose
The beautiful heart pose. Which is symbol of love, Peace And Intution. Its simple to create heart with hands and it has been shown in above photo.

Open arm

Open Arm
When you are on a hill station the great pose is open arm pose. Capture the photo by opening your hands fully welcoming the beauty of nature and feel amazed.

Back View

Back Pose
Taking a snapshot from behind is awesome. Tell the cameraman to cover the whole scenery from behind centering yourself into it. Will look amazing.

Nostalgic pose

Find a place in your hotel or the place of stay where you can sit in silence and remember all your beautiful past and just be with you. It will add peace and serenity to your innerself.

Tricky poses

Now making tricks with objects is really funny interesting and enjoyable. Making tricks means clicking the shot by setting yourself in a position that looks as if its real. As shown below are some tricks. Always try to find such place where you can click the tricky photos, I am sure you will get at least one.

Tricky photos with objects

tricky one
In the above picture the wall is painted with cartoon resting on barrel. And on the right side there is another cartoon i.e. yourself posing in such a way that it looks as if he is also resting on barrel.
tricky two
In this case it seems that he is covering the mountain. You can always be innovative and try different different tricks.
tricky three
It looks real as if the boy named Harsh Vyas in the picture is holding the top of Taj Mahal.

Tricky photos with Sun.

Sun set or sunrise is termed to be very holy time in India. It would be beautiful to capture tricky photos with sun. As shown below.

tricky four
What you do when you just want to say "it is very fine" with gesture of your hands? It is same as shown in above photo. Making circle with your thumb and index finger and keeping other three fingers straight. But in this tricky photo of sun keep sun in between your thumb and index finger.
tricky five
It looks beautiful to have sun in your palm. It seems that you are holding the sun in your palm.
tricky six
In hanuman chalisa it is mentioned that lord hanuman misunderstood sun as a fruit and went on a trip from earth to sun to gulp it down. But before he could reach to sun his powers were diminished and he had to return to earth. Don't worry these tricky photos would make anyone feel that you are going to glup it down and that powers would be provided to you by camera.


It is very important that you carry the holiday tools along with you that will enlighten your face.


hat photo
It is a very good idea to carry a hat along with you. There are many types of hats available in the market that are fashionable. It will surely add charm to your photos and snaps.


Goggles photo
Yes the most important tool for your eyes. It is spex or goggles. Choose a best one which suits your face. A wide range of variety in goggles are available and different sizes suits to different people.

Group photos

Coming to the group photos you can do many fishy style to make them look charming here are some basic poses which you can try out in your group circle.

Simply sitting

Simple sitting
This one is simplest kind of pose. This will cover all the group members of your team. Everyone would be able to identify all of you very easily.

Back view

Back View
The back view is awesome in a group. It is perfect one for your facebook cover photo.

Face train

Face train
Ordering yourself similar to train and facing the camera would make the photo as a face train picture. As you can see in above snap five friends are standing for amazing face train pose.

Group sleeping

Parshad vyas
This one is a very good group pose. Here what you can do is all the people in the group can sleep one after the another in child like position and then be in relaxing mood. This photo will really look amazing.

Jumping in the air

Jump photo
This one is most enjoyable moment and pose. To Take this pose you need to awaken you inner child again. It's beautiful to watch everyone in the air free of all the worries and tension.
Note: To click this type of snap very easily you need to turn on the "continuous shot" mode in your camera

Gandhiji's followers

Gandhiji followers
The very popular and funny pose. Three of your friends could easily sit in a row and replicate the three monkeys of gandhiji. This will convey the message too that we should not speak, listen or see bad things.

Hats off pose

hats off
Last one but not the least… Ending the trip and this article with hats off pose. Its said that every story has an happy ending so the story of your album too should end with a happy ending.

Wrap up

So coming to conclusion it is now totally into your hands to make your journey a memorable one. The first phase of preplanning and second phase of photography will surely make your trip a perfect and a memorable one. This would surely add smiles to your dear and near ones. You can definitely show your amazing pictures to any one and make them feel envy. Suggestions are always welcome, please comment below.


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