Top 5 Budget Friendly Scuba Diving Spots in India

Diving in India is budget friendly, and rewarding all at once. In this article, we are discussing the best 5 Budget friendly scuba diving destinations in India.

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Scuba diving is an amazing adventure activity. With nothing but the marine life around, you can actually listen to your thoughts and leave all the worldly tensions and stresses away. With limitless water around you; fishes swimming nearby; amazing underwater world right before your eyes displaying a unique tinge of different colours; life showing different and unique signs right in front of your eyes – you feel blessed and humbled at the same time. With no tension of getting choked at all and under the expert guidance of the guide diver, the Scuba Diving Spots in India have become major tourist hubs for people from across the world. If you are planning a vacation to the best Budget Friendly Scuba diving spots in India, then the following post is the best thing you came across on the internet today.

So, here we go with the list of the Top 5 Budget friendly scuba diving spots in India.

  1. Kerala:

  2. Kerala is often called as God's own country. With a beautiful coastline stretched across the complete borders of the state; a vibrant flora and fauna that amazes everyone; fresh air fragrant with the paddy, coffee and spice plantations; amazing culture that embraces everyone; a vast collection of historical monuments and plenty of beaches to indulge in water sports – Kerala is the topmost of all the Budget-friendly scuba diving spots in India. You can reach there by train or flight and then take the services of any local diving agency.

    If you wish to make the most of your adventure, then choose the Bond Safari Kovalam, they provide the best scuba diving in Kerala. Bond Safari has the best quality gear and divers qualified and certified at the international level. Apart from offering tourist dives, the company also provides various diving courses of various durations for people of all age groups at highly affordable prices.

    You can enjoy an underwater scooter ride as well. Bond Safari Kovalam is yet another reason, Kerala has been placed as the best Scuba diving spots in India.

  3. Chennai:

  4. Of all the coastal places in India, Chennai offers one of the most Budget-friendly scuba diving spots. With the tourist traffic lesser than that of Kerala for the water activities and sports, the city offers a lot of opportunities for scuba diving at budget prices. You can also spend some days in the beautiful city visiting the best tourist attractions and make your vacations a lovely and enchanting affair. You can also book the Budget-friendly scuba diving spots online after reading the reviews and ratings of the previous visitors and can book the dives upon arrival as well. Finally, don't forget to bargain as the prices are open to that.

  5. Andaman Islands:

  6. One might question this placement of the Andaman Islands. Well, if we talk about the best scuba diving spots in India, then, the Andaman Islands are the first choice without any doubt. But, if we talk about the Budget-friendly scuba diving spots in India, then the ranking gets a bit lower. Actually, the flight tickets and other such transit costs make it a bit expensive spot. If the budget is not an issue, then there is no place better than the Andaman Islands to witness some of the best corals in the world. This is because of the fact that the waters are crystal clear and the strict government policies at many beaches have kept the corals in good condition and pollution at bay.

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  7. Lakshadweep Islands:

  8. Another one of the most amazing Budget-friendly scuba diving spots in India is the Lakshadweep Islands that are visited by many people all through the year. However, the place has limited accommodation and requires you to make the bookings in advance and confirm them as well. There are many places to watch the amazing underwater life and learn diving as a profession as well as a recreational hobby as well.

  9. Karnataka:

Offering a beautiful glimpse into the marine biodiversity of the nation, the state of Karnataka is yet another one of the beautiful and Budget-friendly scuba diving spots in India. There are many beaches that can be visited for all kinds of water sports including scuba diving. If you wish to learn diving as a hobby or as a profession, you should make sure that you are using the services of a PADI certified agency that has certified divers; has the high-quality gear and also ensures proper safety measures and training protocol.

Scuba Diving is one of the safest and the best adventure watersports one can enjoy. As India has a large coastline, it offers ample options for Budget-friendly scuba diving spots and accounts for heavy tourist traffic throughout the year.

To know more about the various Scuba Diving Training Programs and other water activities offered by the Bond Safari Kovalam (the best one of all the Budget-friendly scuba diving spots in India), please visit

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Guest Author: J. Amaral20 Jan 2019

It is really encouraging to note that budget friendly scuba diving centers are in the offing for the common man. So far as my understanding goes this was an adventure activity for the upper or rich class and the middle class can only watch it in the videos and movies.

The article has provided very good details of some of the places where people can avail this amazing and alluring adventure activity for fun and entertainment.

Underwater swimming and going to the interiors of the reefs and carbonate rocks covered with all type of underwater vegetation comprising of algae and fungi and so many sea creatures and life forms is definitely going to be a magnificent view. It is an entirely a different world there.

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