Know Your Capital - Delhi

In this article, I am sharing my experience of the Delhi trip from my college.

One of the most awaited days of the unique 40-day orientation program "CATALYST", aka Delhi Trip, was a super fantastic and fascinating tour, filled with so much excitement and thrill.

So, I'm so excited when ma'am told us about the Delhi trip, which was my 1st trip from college and also 1st with my new friends. On that night I'm so curious about knowing where we are going to spend our day to the fullest, the day before that I got some hints but I neglected them all and did not believe those rumours. I don't know where we are going, coz because curiosity makes lots of things happen. So, our daily schedules as the way we can find ourselves in a better and more comfortable zone.

Firstly, we have to gather on the college campus at sharp 7 am, and we have strict instructions that we have to be on time otherwise the bus will leave us, and fortunately, we were. But unfortunately, due to heavy rainfall, we couldn't leave for our 1st destination, on time. We suppose to leave campus at 8 am, but for the same reason, we cannot leave campus before 9 am. But at that point, mam told us to make 2 groups for witnessing something extraordinary, we can't stop ourselves to be in 1st group so that we can leave before and reach our destination before the rest of our friends, but who knew what the (almighty) has plans for us…

We are around 80-90 friends and our 1st destination was Qutub Miner. The journey starts with so much energetic mood and so excitement, we played dumb shiraz with our group and then afterwards, the group sitting at last also came and we played together and had great fun. But then we got an emergency situation, our bus tyre got punched and we were like "oh! Shit!" and we had to wait there for around one and a half hours or maybe more. But we took lots of photos and made great memories together, we didn't feel how time flies, coz we were busy making memories and capturing those moments in photographs, coz yehi lamhe toh baad me yaad aegae! After a while, another bus came to pick us up. And that's how we reached Qutub Minar with 20% of our energy. But when we reached there, we revive our 50% more energy automatically coz we are so excited. Then we completed all those formalities, such as bags are not allowed there so we need to put those in clock house, and then we take our tickets and then went inside, and after a while clicked a group photo. Then we explore that great historical monument whole. I personally visited Qutub Minar for the 1st time and saw the architecture and finishing of the same. And then waited at the parking zone for the bus to come and take us to our next destination. But at that point we were so hungry we can't go to our 2nd destination like this, so we had lunch at a restaurant, lunch was good, and we needed that too to regain our energy.

And after lunch, we resume our trip towards Bangla sahib Gurudwara, after reaching there we feel differently, coz of the peace, the environment, and everywhere there was like to revive my strength and calm me and relaxed me from my tiredness of the journey. Before entering there mam told us that we have a time limit, of half an hour, coz we need to reach Akshardham and witness the water show the best thing of the day, I'll talk about that later. So, we had timing issues but still, in that 30min we explore the whole gurudwara and get eternal peace, at that point, we are unable to imagine what our eyes are going to experience, and we again get on our bus and are excited for our next and best destination i.e. Akashdham. On the bus we had fun, within ourselves, we were tired from travelling and humidity is one of the key factors, despite all these things we manage to enjoy at that moment. We reached out to Akashdham.

Akshardham, is one of the best places I ever visited, so peaceful, so relaxing, and the best thing is you cannot carry your phone inside, I like their culture that you have to be in decent clothing like you have to cover your shoulder to knee part, or if you don't then they were providing the clothes to cover till part. The security was strict. When we entered there, I was like oh wow that's the place, all my tension, and fatigue just flew and I feel so energetic and alive from inside. Then we went inside the temple and wow!! So beautiful, the statue of God Swaminarayan, the paintings were so amazing. I read their history and was inspired by their life story. The architecture was so fantastic and hypnotizing and unexplainable… I just love that place. Then sometime around 7:30 pm, we went to the water show, and there I had one of the best experiences of my life and feel soo great and blessed. That day I witness some extraordinary things that remain in my heart forever and ever. At that moment we made lots of memories, we laugh, we shout, we make new friends, and the most important thing is we lived in that moment! on contrary, if they had no restriction on bringing mobile phones, I swear, I can not enjoy that show to the fullest as I experienced.

After all, I feel satisfaction, blessed, and glad, also I thank my lucky star, my almighty and the superior soul to be with me everywhere, anytime.

That's all from my side.

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