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Sivaganga (Sivagange) hills a Hilly retreat

This is an article on the Sivaganga (Sivagange) hills temple of Lord Gangadhareswara one aspect of Lord Siva and a picnic spot. A trip to Sivaganga hills will be a treat to the eyes for all, a treat in trekking experience or lessons for those who want to know what is trekking, a treat for pilgrims, a treat of wonder as the water springs on the rocks.

Hillstation Shivagange near Bengaluru | Dakshina Kashi Shivagange

There are many places around Bangalore which are worth touring but unfortunately less known to people. Shivagange is one of them. It is popularly known as Dakshina kashi or South-India's Kashi! Lately it has good tourist attraction. Karnataka's tourist spot shivagange has many amazing features. It is a must mist for adventure lovers and trekkers! This article gives a brief description about South India's Kashi,Karnataka's tourist spot Shivagange!
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