Mosquito Repellents to Buy when you visit India

Are you planning to visit India? Indians are quite used to mosquitoes and insects and they don't bother much about them. But if you are coming from a western country to enjoy this beautiful country, you may want to carry some Mosquito Repellents.

Check out some of our articles that talk about Mosquito Repellents and which ones to carry with you when you visit India. If you can't bring them from your own country, don't worry, you can buy plenty of them here in India.

Check out of articles to learn more about how to enjoy your stay in India without worrying much about mosquitos and insects.

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Mosquito Repellent Unica Heral

UNICA FOR PREGNANT WOMAN,NEW BORNS AND OLD PEOPLE What is Unica A 100% herbal preparation that repells mosquitoes/ midgets/ flys-both- the day and night dwellers Comes in 3 different aroma-as per individuals likings and needs. Maintains reduced/ germ free air in office/ home(room freshner)-tested. Boosts up the immune system. Sooths- Respiratory and Sleep Disorder. Refreshes the Mind/ Mood/ and the Environment
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