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Walk on the Living Root Bridges near Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong is home for a lot of natural forests and tourist attractions. Some of the amazing attractions we found in this beautiful place are the bridges made of real, living roots of trees. Read more about some of the best tourist attractions in Shillong.

Our recent visit to Mawlynnong, near Shillong, one of the cleanest villages in India

Are you traveling or planning to travel to Shillong? Want to know about some wonderful tourist attractions in and nearby Shillong? Then, you are in the right place. On this page is an article about a visit to Mawlynnong , Asia's cleanest village and the balancing rock both of which will definitely enthrall you. Enjoy the cleanest village of Asia from my eyes.

Shillong Peak, a mesmerizing tourist attraction near Shillong

Are you interested in enjoying the panoramic view of the Khasi hills including the entire city of Shillong from the highest peak in Meghalaya? Then you should visit Shillong Peak, in the East Khasi Hills, an attraction just a few kms away from Shillong. In this article I have provided brief details of the location, what to see and my experience of the mesmerizing view of the Khasi hills and the city of Shillong from the Shillong peak.

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