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Get the best out of Kerala's backwaters

Backwaters of Kerala connects the districts of Kollam, Alapuzha, Kottayam and Ernakulam. If you love spending your time with the nature, Kerala backwaters is the ideal destination for you. Read this article to learn more about some cheap ways to explore the backwaters of Kerala.

Holiday destination Goa

Goa, the fine and fertile island on the Western Coast of India, lying 320 km south of Mumbai, had come under the rule of many historical dynasties. Goa is a great holiday spot in India and an excellent place to unwind. Read on further and get to know about the tourist attractions of Goa.

Places to see in and around Madurai

Like Kanchipuram, one of the oldest living cities in India— and in the world—is Madurai, the City of Mother Meenakshi. In this article you can read about the legends associated with the city of Madurai and also get to know about the major places to see in and around Madurai.

Tourist attractions in and around Trivandrum

Trivandrum—the original name of which is Tiru-Ananta-Puram- the Sacred Eternal City (according to another interpretation, the city of the Holy Serpent, Ananta), is the capital of Kerala. There are many great places and sights that are of great tourist interest. Here you can read about some of the major tourist attractions in and around Trivandrum.

Excursions & Tours from Chennai

Chennai, the fourth largest city in India is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It has several places of tourist attraction which are visited by both local and foreign travelers. Let's take a look at some of the excursions and tours available in Chennai.

Festivals of Kerala

The festivals of Kerala, find various festivals and events in Kerala. Best place to visit in Kerala, Holiday in Kerala
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